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Government Spending by taxpayers

June 5th, 2013    

What a blessing to have the freedom to go to church this morning.  One of the themes this morning was having enough believers.  Amazingly I find this same subject of importance to AmericaAndMe.Org.  One American at a time will not get the job done.  There is a link to the directory of Congress on our site.  We hope you will utilize it.  Meanwhile, have you heard the latest scoop concerning Mr. OBAMA’s trifecta?  Yes, I mean Benghazi, The Attorney General, and the IRS. 

“Camp Run-A-Muck” is open and ready to enjoy the entire summer. For a country struggling with expenses, a sense of direction and purpose, think about this. There are at least 5 active committees open today, with plans to run through the entire summer if needed.  If you have 10 House Members per committee, just a third of their staff in support of them  (approx 12 people each).  Building staff required to service the hearings, TV coverage for C Span services.  Then we have consultant lawyers for the Congressmen.  Say only 2 each.  Transcripts, copies, comments, and reports.  Congress is virtually at a stand still.  So the pork stays in Washington.

Now for the rest of the iceberg!  Are you aware that 65% of all the lawyers in the world live in America?   Well, how do we take care of as many of them as possible?  It all adds up.  This has all come about by bad or maybe just sloppy governing.  As any good hog farmer knows, you can only get so many hog to a trough.  When you slop the hogs they come a runnin.  And Washington is prepared to put out as many troughs as necessary.

Here is the rest of the iceberg.  First of all, there are the defendants, people of interest, Agency Heads, underlings, and other assorted misfits in the lime light. All are paid government employees. Of course, all are getting paid.  Most with assistants (also paid).   Cost for disruption or loss of continuity in their departments is un-estimated. Now for their councils, (at $400 to $600 per hour) paid by us or them.  We follow the witnesses as well.  Professional witnesses are paid.  Others only receive transportation and housing.  Hogs love everything from coal to sour butter milk and chicken internals as well.  OH yes.  The life of a lawyer in Washington.  The GOA will have somewhat of a handle on the cost of the committees hearings.  If they last, say till, Labor Day, it will be a good summer’s work for most involved. 

 I will be writing next about the U.S. Post Office.  FD Roosevelt did great things for the stamp collectors of the world.  Now, we need a new page in the album.  No more than 8 new stamps per year (total).  How many artists, photographers, engravers, setmen, and pressmen are there in the stamp producing department?   Many more people than in the engraving program at the US Mint!  With the average barber at the Capitol Hill Clip Shop making $81,000 per year, it’s understandable that the Barber Shop is in financial trouble.  They have a bank too.

The more I know, the more I believe, you are getting what you want and expect.  It is not beyond possible belief that your personal lives are a mirror image.


May God Have Mercy On Us, No Others Will.        Tex Kline  – Founder

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And on the other hand…

February 27th, 2013    

Let’s talk about some other problems.  Mr. Obama, in his calculating wisdom, shortly after being elected to his first term, required all casings (brass) of ammunition used by U.S. troops in training to be crushed and sold as scrap to the Chinese.  So what?  Many small businesses from coast to coast were the first to succumb to the “Obamanation” of our country.  Ammo manufacturers with as many as 400 employees have had to shut down.  Numerous companies went out of business.  This also started the drive up in the cost of ammunition.  Now components are in short supply.

In war and peacetime, arms and ammunition are manufactured in our country.  Recently, a 20 year manufacturing contract come up for renewal.  It was put up to bid.  The ammo had been produced by an American company over the last contract.  It seems it has been under bid or out bid by an English company named BAE.  Having foreigners making our ammo at best is very bad by my estimation.  They’ve since applied to be able to sell anything they produce to any country in the world.  Hopefully, after they fulfill their commitments to the U.S.  I know, you may read this.  You may not.  If it raises an eyebrow very good, if you raise a finger to look into it yourself, so much the better.  Remember, if you keep waiting for something to happen, it will.

We have since seen a large number of private weapons manufacturers bought up by a group named “The Freedom Group”.  An investment company owns them.  However, since the Newtown murders, pressure has been put on the holding company to divest them of the “Freedom Group”.  The Mayor of Chicago has loudly supported banking firms from providing loans to any gun manufactures.  Morally, Chicago stands in the shadow of Detroit, Michigan.

Now let’s look at Chicago.  Don’t tell me they don’t have a problem with politics and a life style based on the American way of life.  The Chicago Political Machine is alive and well.  Be it Black or White.  If the police will not respond this creates a problem.  If they have the strongest gun laws, and no firearms can be sold in Cook County something is amiss!  I lived in a ghetto that was patrolled at night by helicopters with search lights. Squad cars only came in pairs and then only in the day time.  This isn’t cheap talk.

This cannot be handled nicely.  Gather up all the lawyers representing drug dealers, drive by killers, robbers accused of homicides and require them to post at least a 1.5 Million dollar bond on each case they win.  It the event the person is again brought in for a similar case, forfeit the bond.  Upon finding the suspect guilty the second time,his first lawyer can share the sentence with the perpetrator and give the $1.5 Million to the court system.

There is no doubt that 90% of felonies in the area are committed by gang members or “want-a-be’s”.  Go into the GANG area, after putting up a 20 ft patrolled fence.  Bring in the fiercest of the fierce of “Homeland Security”.  Deal with the problem!   Death will be inevitable.  Recently a material witness was found the day before the court date with 26 bullet holes in him, in Chicago.  This isn’t the cream of the crop we’re dealing with.

How long do you think this will go on, before God takes a hand in it?

The rich want to leave now.  Give up their citizenship and all.  Has anyone thought of the poor and down trodden?  Maybe they want out too.  Since Carnival pays no taxes they owe us.  Any person wanting a free ticket to leave America could be processed out quarterly on a Carnival cruiser to the country of their choice.  So many people want us to be like where they came from.  Take sophistication, education, and skills back home and become a success in no time.  One free ticket from AMERICA.

No, I’m not mad.  Think about it again.  TRUTH IN GOVERNMENT.  IF every Department and Agency were to list a statement on their website home page, first list their total budget, the number of employees, full or part time, contractors and venders.  Followed by their total payroll, and lastly list what money is available for services to our citizens.  Don’t you know,  “GOVERNMENT IS BIG BUSINESS”.

Till the next time……. if there is one.

AmericaAndMe.Com     TRK


America and Me.Com is copy-righted, has publishing rights, and is trade marked as well.

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Washington is giving us the Rubik Cube dazzle these days.

February 27th, 2013    

I would like to explain the absence of activity on my part at AmericaAndMe.Org.  My left kidney was shut down for most of the summer.  It took till December for me to get back to reasonable good health.  We were blessed with a beautiful Christmas season, but just before New Years my stint was not working adequately.  It’s replacement was moved up from February to January.  After this, I will have surgery to correct the problem.  During 2012 I felt like I survived for 11 months and possibly lived one.

The election took its toll.  So now we move on.  I am of the belief that if we are to survive, we are going to have to think and work outside the box.  You ask why?   Corruption knows no bounds!  We deserve a fighting chance.

Since there has not been a budget the last three years to restrict government growth (with a no growth budget, there is only 6.6% growth hidden in the bills).  If the budget was held at that it would amount to around 20% in the size of government.  My first proposal is to require every Agency, Department, or entity of the Federal Government that identify themselves by a Website, to be required to post on the home page a “Truth In Government” Label.   Kind of like what’s on a can of chicken noodle soup!

5 or 6 real question need to be answered-

Number of full time employees?

Number of part time employees?

Number of contracts/sub contractors?

Total budget for the agency and or department?

Percentage of budget spent on salaries & wages?

Percentage of budge spent on services provided.

The (GOA) Government Office of Accounting can provide them that.  The numbers in Washington work for the politicians and lobbyists.   The rate of inflation has been so grossly tampered with in the last 10 years or so (the basis for calculation).   The formulas, exceptions, re-simplification, and unknowns, make auto dealers and their blue books look like Saints in their midst.  Good people, we need to send our shepherds to Washington to tend to our wayward flocks.  Not easy, not cheap, but needs to be done in a hurry.

The Senate has run out of cards to play.  The liberal press won’t even dip their toe in the polluted waters of the “Senate”.  Take a look at the personal wealth of the average Senator.  Just for kicks and giggles.  Sen. Harry Byrd packed close to a Billion dollars of pork into West Virginia.  It’s stand in the nation went from 47th to 50th over those years.

Oil shale and natural gas through free enterprise will change that without government help.

Moving on…  Senator Harry Reed spoke Christmas week in Washington. His comments were that I have learned to tap dance, and I will keep tap dancing till we get this all worked out.

The speaker of the Senate has the responsibility and should have to wear his badge of authority on his shoulders like a military officer, and be prepared to personally bear the burden for the lack of advancing the ideals he swore to uphold. To have not passed a budget in 3 years in the Senate and continue on the path of an obstructionist, borders on high treason.

It would seem his overwhelming confidence may well come from the nearly completed NSA recording center which will be on line in October of 2013.  Located just 30 miles south of Salt Lake City, it’s nestled in a nice Mormon community.  NSA now surpasses the J. Edgar Hoover days of the FBI, with tentacles reaching into each sector of our social media.   Congress is not going to price the internet with terminal fees, E mail charges and the like because cyber space and all of its services are already too great a source of information that is being compiled day by day.

The sensitivity of the human radar in America has been quite nicely set to where the media and the politicians only show us about the top 40 %.  Chicago is a problem you can not deal with as a human being.  Gather all the gang members at one stadium.  Pair them off, one on one.  The losers, the half that are killed are no longer a problem. Deport the winner with instruction “Do not return to senders”.  We have run out of easy fixes.

On another issue- Immigration exchange.   The rich are giving up their citizenship to go else where.  Are we so blind to leave our poor and distraught people who can not afford to leave America?  I propose a program where the government will provide free passage on a Carnival Cruise line, which pays no taxes because of their registry. These folks could get a fresh start in any country they desire.

BEFORE any thing else is done with the tide of immigrants from Mexico, we need to quit housing Mexico’s Cartel Reserves.  There are over 300,000 in our jails.  Pro-rate them and send the proper percentage to each of the state capitols in Mexico.

Mexico is now demanding to know how many and who are gun owners on our border states with Mexico.

About the Border- Cut backs on the border patrols.  They are pretty well demoralized from having the pension funds stolen by the president of the union.He along with the second in command commandeered $260,000.  Is this a union labor problem? Homeland security has 20,000 trained and armed persons.  They have gotten 4 million rounds of 40 caliber hollow point ammo.  Is this for training?  I have only seen one of the Homeland Search/Rescue units of the 2500 purchased.  It was in New Jersey the second day after Hurricane Sandy hit.

So 90% of all heroine is produced in Afghanistan.  It’s amazing that 80% of it is getting to America thru Canada.  From what I knew before the cartels put the lid on the press in Mexico, a good number of “The United Nations” gang members were getting chopped up as they tried to move their cocaine out of Mexico.

The  52 story tall PEMEX headquarters building in Mexico City, less the wall of the first 3 or 4 floors, may well have to come down after the explosion.  The company that provides over half of Mexico’s income looses over $2 Billion dollars to graft and corruption yearly.  The average year sees over 1200 intrusions and thefts from their pipelines as well.

On the tax exemption scene- The 110 year old oil drilling exemption needs to be looked at very closely.  Enough is enough.

Don’t get me started on the Keystone pipeline.  We are being played like a cheap banjo.  Something may happen sometime after Warren Buffet recoups his 34 Billion dollars he paid for the railroad moving half of all of the oil out of S. Dakota to the south.  One pipeline has already been turned around and is moving oil from Cushing to Houston now.  Houston has invested 4 billion dollars to upgrade their port and facilities to accept the new super tankers from the Pacific as the new Panama Canal prepares to open in the next 2 years.  The rest of the gulf coast could learn to embrace our future more aggressively.

My smile for today….

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”  THE SHADOW KNOWS!

May God have mercy on us.  No others will.       AmericaAndMe.Com    TRK


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Why the US isn’t as Fuel Efficient as it Should be

November 5th, 2012    

Energy Self Sufficient: (Thoughts of an old man)

What is “The 50 Year Plan (Plus)? China and Russian operate on 5 year plans in succession. The United States has a greater vision. Since about the time of the death of JFK, an interesting evolution has been in motion. We the “Sheepple” have been systematically sheared at a steady rate. Sometimes, adjusted upward during good times.

The EPA, a system designed to control improvements, impede improvements, and Gerrymandering portions of the 8 Petroleum Districts of American. The 8 Petroleum Districts of America was set up to provide and protects the flow and distribution of Strategic Fuels and crude oil in WW2. A product put in place by the EPA with the name of MTBE, an aerator to make gasoline burn cleaner over its life time, has managed to contaminate surface water and wells in many states.

Ethanol eliminated the use of MTBE finally. Though it is still being produced at refineries in the US where it is prohibited to be used and it is still being exported to 3rd world countries as an additive for use there.

With the aid and control by the government of elements of gasoline production in our country, plus letting our production drop to an un-acceptable level, were we able to justify the shift to Arabic oil? ($10 dollars a barrel was not acceptable). Supply and demand, you control the supply and the demand suffers price wise. On a 4 day transit across the Atlantic the contents of a tanker could be sold and bought 10 times or more. Wall Street has not always been a friend.

No new refineries have been built in the United States since the late 70’s. Over 85 have been closed. And now as the “dark curtain” looms over us, the major oil companies that own refineries want out of them, because there is no profit from operating them anymore! Is it possible that government regulations and taxes have eaten away all the profit, or have the companies strangled the life out of their own creations?

In 1980’s, “The Boys In Brazil” decided on ethanol, requiring additional pumps be put in use at all filling stations. GMC Brazil, was formed before WW2. Between GMC and Ford, they have been the power houses of the South American auto works. Brazil is 85% self-sufficient in fuel production through the use of ethanol and now are developing their off shore oil fields with the help of American oil companies, and some of the finest rigs the U.S. owns. And by the way, all of the vehicles, over 23 models, produced in the country are E85 compatible and have been since 2008. Best news of all. They are built at GM Brazils new 1.4 Billion dollar automated plant built just about two years ago, the rest are Ford products rolling off the lines at the plant listed as the “most modern in the world.” Brazil is now building 2 different 500 mile stretches of dedicated pipeline to move ethanol directly to distribution and to ports for export. That can’t be done in the USA, so we are told. Maybe a phone call or two would help.

Ethanol in America from corn, saw grass, and some other unlikely sources has hampered the efforts to move forward in this area. We are plagued with a litany of excuses of why we can’t do this or that. Lift the embargo on Cuba. Limit our trade to Agricultural Products. Buy their sugar; we are doing away with sugar cane production in America anyway…..Energy beets and sorghum are two great sources for ethanol. These products grow extremely well in extreme weather conditions. Double their output when irrigated, are very rich in sugar, process at less cost than corn, is readily available and saves a major step to produce and uses at least ¼ to ½ less water in processing. Corn is no longer the answer. WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH OF IT to feed people and animals alone.

South Africa is strong on Gas To Liquid (GTL) production. They had the help of German ingenuity in the production of oil and gasoline, in a round about way. It would seem Exxon (then Standard Oil) in the 1920’s assisted Germany with information on how to produce oil from coal. They also developed the process to convert coal and various feed stocks to oil by use of the Fischer Tropsch (FT). South Africa is one of the masters of this process. SASOL (South African Coal & Oil) is studying the feasibility of producing a GTL plant in Louisiana and Maine. There is also a MTL (Methanol to Liquid) process by Exxon Mobil. Primus of New Jersey is working to develop a drop-in type gasoline, rated at 93 octane. Their plant is being designed by Bechtel Hydrocarbon Solutions with construction to start in 2013.

Over 5 years ago Saudi Arabia offered to build a 2 Billion dollar refinery in the United States. To my surprise we had no takers… Would adequate production have messed things up, or would it have messed with the EPA’s plans for us?

As for advancements in auto fuel efficiency across America… The EPA is dribbling it out at a steady under rate. This past year… in Europe and the UK, German engineering has put multiple cars on the road, with 75 to 80 mpg ratings. (Not for sale in the USA) As for fuel for Europe, the burn off gas in the UK North Sea field (waste properly stored and collected) could be converted to methanol, by GTL (gas to liquid) and supply Europe with all of their need. With Iran boycotted, the fuel they are now receiving comes from Russia via two new pipelines recently laid across the Black Sea. Supplies received from Russia in the past has been turned off at the Russians whims on numerous occasions.

A 70-mile pipeline on the northern slope of Alaska could put an enormous amount of natural gas into play. We have the only liquidification plant in America located already in Alaska. The fracking process so successful in the Bakken field of North Dakota is yielding very large amounts of natural gas, as well as the Marcellus field in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. There is also the rebirth of the Cline and Eagle Ford field in West Texas. Productive wells in states along the Gulf of Mexico, and those in the Gulf that produce gas have been capped over the course of 25 years.

The Canadian tar sand deposits seem most adapted to produce synthetic oil. Not getting further co-operation with the United States in several areas, they are assembling two new refineries made by Korea and built by China. China has already purchased Nexen Oil of Canada, for the astounding price of 15.1 Billion dollars. China also bought controlling interests in other fields in Canada. They recently bought the 2nd largest movie theatre chain in the United States (AMC), and recently purchased their first American bank.

Yes, we are in a big mess. However, God gave us Mexico so we can feel good about ourselves. Pemex came on the scene in the early 1930’s. Oil interests were nationalized. No outsiders could develop and financially gain from the birth right of Mexico. The world has passed them by. The major Gulf field is going dry. The government extracts 2/3 of their budget in taxes and profit from the oil fields. It is reported at least 2 Billion Dollars (American) is lost from Pemex yearly to graft and corruption. At least 1300 intrusions into the pipelines yearly has a high price tag as well. Truck tankers carrying stolen oil have been known to cross the border and sold their cargo to refineries in the states. Cartels prefer to tap gasoline pipelines. And so it goes.

None of this will you find in history books. Most people are to busy living life to even care. Why can’t I get ahead? What’s going on? You will not make a difference being a “SHEEPPLE”. At least try to learn where you are being led.

Tex R. Kline AmericaAndMe.Com

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Angel Flight- The Return of American Heroes

October 23rd, 2012    

A little bit of history behind Angel Flights:
If you did not figure out via pictures already, Angel Flights are the U.S. Air Force planes (C-130’s) used to fly home our Fallen Soldiers. Angel Flight is also their call sign. In addition, Angel Flights have top priority in U.S. Airspace – as you saw the Towers say “number 1 for landing/takeoff” …. now of course, I know, there are other flights that have an even higher priority … but in reference to other standard military flights, Angel Flights get number 1 priority.

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Pakistani safe havens hinder Afghan war: US

October 23rd, 2012

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American- Putting up the Flag

October 23rd, 2012

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Deck of Cards – A Soldier’s Prayer Book

October 23rd, 2012    

Not only is a wonderful testimony, but some amazing visuals.

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United States Budget Dilemma

October 23rd, 2012    

Retired Budget Accountant goes over why the US Budget can’t be balanced.

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Sen. Rand Paul Speaks Out Against Senators Voting without Reading the Bills – 6/29/12

October 23rd, 2012

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