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Time Goes By

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

Time Goes By

As Time Goes By. Time is of the essence. Time on my hands. How time flies. Where did the time go? There just isn’t enough time. Just give me a little time, Ill get it. Time was. The next time. Ill take care of it, when I get some time. What a waste of time.

I don’t have time for this. Well, I want to make it perfectly clear, that as we ponder our

options we may well be running out of time. Ive made some additions to my office which includes a new bulletin board. Big enough for up to a 4’ x 3’map. As my daughters would say, my latest obsession… Japan.

Today marks the onset of the latest of 3 major typhoons this season to pummel the mainland of Japan. The resent eruption of Mt. Ontake in west central Japan is of concern. The flooding and landslides on the eastern coast of the main island is of major concern as well. Torrential down pours have inundated the rivers and waterways through the lower two thirds of the country. Any where from 6 to 10 inches of rain have occurred in the Fukushima area. The Fukushima River has already flooded. The ground

water at the plant is spreading radiation around the grounds, and spilling over into the Ocean.

Typhoon Vongfong is on a direct path over Fukushima. Monday will tell all. Walls were said to have collapsed during Phangfone on October 5th, just a week ago. Winds as high as 150 mph are threatening, sea gales with waves from 35 to 50 ft are battering the shore.

The cloud cover is as large as the United States. The eye of the typhoon is reported to be 50 miles across. The Tokyo water company is composed primarily of 30 plus reservoirs.

All of them will be further contaminated by airborne radiation from the storm. When are the Japanese people going to say enough is enough?

Tepco has stopped work on the ice wall to block ground water from flowing to the ocean.

Ice and dry ice will not do the job. Liquid Nitrogen has a chance. The total contamination of the Pacific Ocean is not acceptable. Japan has admitted it will take 40 years at least to decommission the site. So there are 187 Quintrillion gallons of water in the Ocean, 400 Tons of water daily flow into it, (these are like BPs numbers for barrels of oil) plus all of the ground water from the typhoons which could triple that number. Someone is going to have to face the maker. Sooner than later hopedfully. Japan you are signing your own death warrant to let this go.

Pride is very dangerous master. What you are doing to the Northern Hemisphere is virtually as bad as the lot you are casting on your own citizens. Arise, the only

sin is to die in vain, without even a fight. May God have mercy on us all. TRK

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Ebola 10-2-14

I am taking this time to follow up on the fact that “Common sense is not that common anymore.” In the name of all that is holy, I do not in any way want to subject you to what some would consider social degradation, inflammatory language, or religious demagoguery. If you feel crude language for descriptive purposes, references to ethnic beliefs and traditions or opinions that reach beyond the Politically Correct bounds, PLEASE DO NOT read any further. PC is thrown out the window with the rest, when we empty the slop jar. Thank You.

We are dealing with a real hum dinnger this time! If I skip around it will be because thoughts are coming that quickly. But, before we get to the heart of the problem…

Beware of the United Nations, Embassies and Consulates in modern countries. Many travel procedures and requirements are waived for this group under any circumstance.

Domestic help travel with them as well. This dragnet is going to have to be flawless.

The United States has been dealt a “1, 2 punch”. Medically speaking. The infusion of over 100,000 children from Central America was the first punch. The spread of the more serious flue type strains among the already weak and hungry children being scattered about the country. Homeland Security is no longer give out locations that people are being transported to in the country. At any rate, over 40 states are reporting the more dangerous strain.. Now with Ebola in side our borders, this disease is being masked by the incubation period, as well as having the same early symptoms of flue or the more serious virus that is flowing it.

The CDC is playing games with the American public. Isolation facilities do not exist on a large scale anywhere in the country. Once cases are detected, they will have to be dealt with within the area wherever they occur. Transporting people will only exacerbate the problem. Mass transportation will have to come to a standstill. If this is a game… it is a deadly game.

Now for the reality of the subject. The major portion of the African American Community in America, are with religious orders, affluent faculties, are students or political and diplomatic persons. Even being from a “Third World Country” may not be a stain or blemish they could consider being marred by. But coming from “bush country” and the depths of the jungle presents another set of problems.

AIDS like Ebola, was a gift of Africa. It has been stated that there are at least half a dozen new and deadly diseases waiting in the shadows. Ethnic culture is not an area

to discuss with disrespect. That by no way is my intend, but when it defies the normal

ways of dealing with hygiene and sanitation at the lowest levels it cannot be dismissed or discussed politely. Practices in different regions of Africa are horrific. The nomads have a ritual for a good year of weather and harvest that includes the use of animal blood mixed with dirt or mud and packed in their hair, before the dance is preformed. In another area is not uncommon to modulate a cows vaginal canal aurally to stimulate her to give more milk. This is preformed by young boys as a rule.

Another tradition is to have female cows to urinate on the youngsters heads. The chemicals in the urine changes the color pigment from black to reddish blonde. This

is cultural, ethnic and extremely unsanitary. This is just the precursor to my opinion as to the depth of the basic problem the world is dealing with EBOLA from Africa. Over ¾ of the area in any country there, is make up of people that have never seen toilet paper, know what inside plumbing is, or even in most cases, have never seen an out house. In the Muslim world the right hand is un-clean. This is also the case in Africa. It is the hand the people wipe themselves with. This is a health issue and presents medical problems.

Rather than starting with 3 Billion Dollars to build isolation tents. And 3000 American troops who aren’t prepared for where or what they are doing from the on-set…. Let’s start a bucket brigade. For countries that do not have metal containers, utensils or the like; gourds, squashes, and other type of hollow vessels make up a good portion of the way (potable) water is transported. That by the way means “DRINKABLE WATER”. Not to be confused with water for a pot (toilet). (Non-potable) EDUCATION, IS A WONDERFUL THING!

Cowboys know to drink up stream of where the cattle cross. This knowledge has not necessarily been imparted to the utes in these countries. Basic help begins with… “Pots to piss in”. Centuries ago in merry England and further for that matter, persons who were extremely poor, were referred to as “piss poor.” That came about from them selling their urine at a measly price to be used by collects as fertilizer. Honey dippers, they were referred to as. Some say it was the generosity of the local Lord. This is also the origin of the saying “to poor to have a pot to piss in.” This is the way of many in rural Africa.

The most helpful, humane, and sanitary thing our civilized communities could do is provide them with say 1 million portable pots. Black plastic buckets, sorta like the ones at Ace or Lowe’s. Have the lids formed like a set of buttocks. With a knock out for gential access to the interior of the can. Rather than writing in plain English, use the appropriate language of the tribe or country… Silk screen the words “ Piss and Shit only”. Or at least words they understand. This is how BASIC the problem is….. Many would rather use the bucket to carry water in anyway, even if having already been used to store human waste. “Piss and shit”. Wherever the human nature urge strikes, relief is no farther away than their feet away.

They are not burdened with shame, vanity or reason. What problem does the lack of sanitation cause? They have no idea. You live, you die and they never give it a thought. Life is not like in your neighborhood, ALL over the world. And when they are done… Wipe with “your Nr. 1 finger”. The next time you are at a football game or watching at home you will see “We’re Number 1” fingers. You are living in another world!

The magic of it all, will be the contents inside the bucket when sent over. Sanitized and sealed. Six double rolls of American made toilet paper, complete with pictures of how to us it on each sheet. I am sure within a month, some Junior Ivy Leaguer will have figured out how to TP someone’s hut. Doctor over there are overwhelmed with the deplorable sanitation problems the people are facing. Its not as bad in the cities… Raw sewage running down the gutters of many of the streets… Dipping water out of troughs with any type buckets or containers is common.. Water can be gotten from a continuous running tap, a spring where animals are also watered. A ditch, creek, or river that is contaminated or reeks with raw sewage.

They need our help in the “Highest Order”. No photo ops, no ribbon cuttings. Those poor people would probably say “I would really love to have a pot to piss in” if they even knew what it was…. We can send over some engineering teams to build “Pot Pits”. One in every village. Give them a penny when they come to dump them every day. One good turn deserves another!!! And I bet within a year, some one will be a millionaire in every village, and people will be using their black buckets to carry water.

In conclusion, “God is doing more than just watching. Occasionally, he even cries happy tears.” Thank you for your time. I may be a fool, but I am an old fool. TRK

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Let’s take it around the horn.

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

“Let’s take it around the horn.”

We have several subjects to chase tonight. To 3rd base. Benghazi…

Want to venture a guess that the mission was messed up some time after the Ambassador was taken in to custody after the fires broke out. Is it possible he was to have been drugged and kidnapped, then used to facilitate a trade of an Arab prisoner? Is the paper trail gone? Has any references been made to the live streaming of audio and video to government agencies during the attack? How interesting!

Around to 2nd base:

When the training program for the Libyan militias the U.S. CIA was backing, who wound up with the 300 HUMVs? Good guys or bad guys? Well, I just guess we need to make 300 more to replace them with.

Over to 1st base:

Of the tanks that Iraq lost to ISIS, the wide treads could be fairly recent British tanks, no Germans, but possibly older Russians. The howitzers, tow behinds seem to all be new and larger bore. Don’t think we left them computerized units, and didn’t see any M1A2s in any video at least. Whos watchin the video anyway…

Back to home:

Now with the Kurds being the good guys (every bit as tough as the turks) How about Homeland Security sending over the 100 round magazines to them, that they have been passing out to the cops here? Lets up the anty!!

By the way: New rules of engagement… KILL ON SIGHT…

With 2,000,000 Syrians having left the country, and between 150 and 200 thousand casualities already. That leaves less than 2,000,000 in country. The eastern half of the country is ISIS controlled. Lets assume whoever is still there are government troops or ISIS sympathizers. Command and Control is surly weakened, as ISIS has over run a number of Syrian bases. Low collateral damage. Selective sites. Clean Nukes…

This is not a screw it up again war game we are playing.

No boots on the ground. Gather up the “Lawn Jockeys”, the Buffalo Soldiers, and the Cat Ranglers.. Put the A-10 Wart Hogs, front and center. 2 hours on target. If it moves shoot it, if it doesn’t move… shoot it anyway… draw the desert noose… Riders have a 50/50 chance that the horse will be shot. Those Cat Ranglers from Wyoming and Colorado will make the difference. I’ve got faith….

By the way, noses make nice trophies. We are civilized… leave the rest of the heads for the ants.

Lets play ball!

For anyone wanting to intimidate me, beheading real journalists doesn’t get the job done.

The Spirit of 76 TRK

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Highlights, Sept 8

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Highlights   Sept 8


In respect to Fukushima… a factor or two I overlooked in my last report.  Mud Hogs,

that burrow tunnels thru, under and around Europe.  Pick a practical size (15 ft. diameter)

fiber glass re-enforced spray cement for walls, slip fit inner concrete liners, form fitting foam.  Transfer excess water out to channels.  Think outside of the box.  Improvise!


Has anyone given a thought to boycotting Japanese imports, besides fish (duh) and fruit?  How about AUTOMOBILES.  Tepco is still running the show.  How many of their top executives, including their families are living outside of the country?  If they and the government can not make a concentrated effort to correct the problems and really improve the situation, force them to ask for help.  Lets all put the 2020 Summer Olympics on hold.   Where is the IAEA?  A Geiger counter attachment is available there for $65, that works with new I phones.  There are over 3000 in use now in Japan.


9-11-2014 is just days a way.  Homeland Security is now refusing to divulge the destinations of aliens shipped to different destinations around America… Talk to me people…  The Judicial Watch group posted a warning in reference to 9-11-14.  There is reason to believe there will be problems in the El Paso-Juarez area.   For some reason, I think the busy check points there will be a target, with four to six lanes of stopped and slow moving traffic.   For the women crossing the border, some could well be “black widows”.  Female extremists (terrorists).  But then, it could be the children, as we know a 6 year old can handle an AK-47, and the women can take over handling the drug traffic.  Women are being used increasingly by the cartels in that capacity. Homeland Security is mum.  Border patrols have been ordered to back off on the drug mules crossings… If a firefight would occur, it could spark an international incident.  What about the Mexican drone that crashed in a yard in El Paso?  The drone was confiscated from the local police,

then returned to Mexico that same day by other agencies..


WIPP…This information from,  The Department of Energy should be on top of this one.  Throw in the NRC, the Department of Defense and the Department of Waste Management.  The only place there is any activity is at the state level.  Location: Carlsbad, New Mexico USA, with additional dump sites as far away as North Texas.  Most waste coming from the Los Alamos Nuclear Facilities.  The under ground National Depository experienced a fire and ruptured drums in February or March caused release of radiation.  Part of the problem may have been due to the change in the type of cat litter used to absorb liquid in the waste.  The plant was then closed, it is not known if it has reopened.  Records are wrong or missing concerning mislabeling of 80 some barrels.  Seals deteriorating, while others that were being stored above ground in the open sun, that now have been put in shelters at least.  State of NM cannot get information on radiation type or amount of leakage.  Radiation is being vented thru exhausts from under ground.


And the good news, you can still get up on Sunday and go to church.  In God We Trust.

TRK     Founder AAMO

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Not a Quick Fix…

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Not A Quick Fix… 8 31 2014


Its OK to think big on this one guys!  Put aside the profit side this situation, lets get down to the real problem.  There is no guidance from the other side so lets make some ground rules.  Fukushima.  Rule out the IAEA, the Japanese government, the NRC, and the others that make up the powers that be.  No way, by edict, decree, or rule of law shall the world be threatened, unabated, by the inability, ineptness, or lack of compassion for their own citizens, for this catastrophe to continue unabated.


This is a One World problem.  Three years, on the job.  The frozen containment wells have not proven effective.  The work has been stopped.  Many parts of the clean up has been problematic at best.  Between fires, additional earthquakes, structural collapse, as well as ongoing situations of “criticality”, with only partial structural enclosure the world continues to receive unbelievable doses of radiation thru the air, as well as the unchecked continued contamination of the Pacific Ocean, from runoff of well over 400 tons of contaminated water daily for the past three years.


The Ocean will dilute it.  Come on.  That one would have worked when it was 2800 barrels off Omaha Beach in the English Channel in the 60s. Tell me another one.  Of the major components, the least of which have a half-life of twenty eight years, the rest go from hundreds of years to thousands of years.  There are no gamma sponges to use.  Mr. Clean won’t get the job done.  Bounty isn’t the “Quicker picker upper.”  Don’t blow me off.  This is a tuff nut to crack.  It’s time to get down to business and “talk turkey”.  We, the United States, are in this up to our eye balls.  GE has a very big seat at the table.  They have been there for the profit.  They are there for the blame.


The MOX fuel that has been provided by England, at best is questionable.   Don’t ask for details.  Some had been on the shelf for at least 10 years before being transferred to Daiichi and installed.  And on it goes.  With two of the reactors unaccounted for, plutonium rods scattered about, with reports of them being projected into the ocean like mortars, during the explosions, cracks in the containment areas from earth quakes, two tunnels, forty feet below sea level, containing 10,00 tons of water, and being the place where the plutonium is in melt down.  Estimated amount?  Three hundred tons.  That includes the rods of “spent fuel” that makes good firewood too.


In my opinion, its time to call out “The SeaBees, The DevilDogs, Our Roughnecks and throw in the Steel Walkers.  We have already had 77,000 Americans that have been put in harms way, by just showing up to be friendly three years ago.  Japan has used up 33,000 workers already, have accumulated at least 10,000 lost lives, and Tepco, and their government have lied to the public from the “get go.”   What good will it do to make a fuss?   Ask my dumb ass again, five years from now.  It is expected to take 42 years, by their projection to clean this mess up.  The Pacific Ocean is at stake, first of all.  NOW!





I was not a very skilled sailor while in the Navy.  I was in Intelligence and had shore duty.  Two things I do know.  The importance of the “North Star”, and that the “Seven Seas” of the world are all connected.  For “Christ’s Sake”.  I can give you a strategy.

Let’s throw this against the wall and see if it sticks.  How about calling this the Fukushima Project.  Not to be confused with the “Manhattan Project”.  That came in at about one billion dollars in 1940s money.  Would having earth inhabitable be worth a trillion dollars in today’s money?   The wells on the high side of the plant are inadequate.  Ground water is the major problem.  The amount of artesian activity is unknown.  Water layers and mountain run off have to be diverted by channels.  If necessary, cut all the way to bed rock, in the shape of a “rainbow” at a minimum distance of 1 mile out from the plant, and one at 2 miles if necessary.  Pumper wells can be installed closer if necessary.


At least humans can work at possible survival levels there.  It has been proven that beryllium has a melting temperature of 5ooo degrees.  It can be used to dampen or control a nuclear melt down.  Before that, after controlling the water flow, seal the area inside the break water, from the ocean.  Proceed to fill it with kitty litter like the NRC has done so effectively at WIPP in Carlsbad, New Mexico. USA   Isn’t it amazing… less than 100 miles from the head waters of the El Paso River.  Guess what the Columbia River runs close to in Washington state?   It is in the same general area of 160 wineries.  Oh well, that is another story too.


Absorb what waste water that can be controlled.  With hundreds of storage tanks already, full to the brim and leaking, water is a major problem.  Back to beryllium.  Use some bunker busters to break down the tunnels under ground,  also carrying large amounts of beryllium to help control the melt down in progress, preferably implosion type bombs.  Using mobile motorized drilling rigs, drill enough wells below that level then, using fracking techniques and pump cement slurry at extreme high pressure. (You don’t think I don’t understand what I’m asking do you?)  Getting the surface water under control, the contaminated waters for cooling purposes that could be filtered and recircleulated as they are attempting to do now, only on a much larger scale.  Isolate the Ocean, minimize the water flow, and contain the air borne radiation with an enclosure or money will soon have no meaning.


You are not laughing at me.  The answer everyone is looking for is not “death”.  You brains thunk this up… now clean it up, or we will take your toys away.  Don’t look down on me with you superior intellect and vast knowledge , at least till we get this job done.  Savvy?


Shoot holes in everything I have said, but never the less and just the same, its a problem!

I saw two young men wearing toboggans today, and its August in Alabama.  What do they know about fall out from the sky.  Talk to some of the help at Hanford, Washington.

I like eggs “Sunny Side Up.”  May God have mercy on us.         TRK

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About Ferguson

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

About Ferguson, Mo.  I have stayed away from the subject and event for various reasons.

Now that a pep or two about what transpired at the patrol car of Office Wilson has seeped out I will comment.  Forget the struggle over his gun and the possible shot fired in his car.. Forget that.  What happened before.  Let’s look at what transpired just before that.  His being shoved back into the car and then the ensuing altercation occurred, which included his eye socket be fractured at the time.


Forget the subject running away.  Chiding the office, then charging him.  Forget this too.

Look at shot pattern pointed out by the various reports.  My conclusions, include my beliefs that the officers left eye socket was on the side of his face closest to the offender.  (If he was beating the office, he was an offender) Fact.  Say he was trained as a right hand shooter, and used the standard 2 hand, both eyes open, firing position,  by this time swelling would have begun to set in plus, shock along with the adrenalin rush.  Still maintaining his first shots were consistent with wounding to immobilize.  The only thing I would say, is, with the consistence of shots to the right side of his body,  this could have been caused by his impaired vision in his left eye, unless those shots were acquired by his training.


If Mr. Brown was approaching the officer, in a bull rush manner, as has been said, a hate

filled person or (policeman) would have dropped him with a kill shot to the heart, first shot.  So, as that did not happen he should have considered himself a lucky boy.  (his age made him a boy).  There were 5 more chances to change his mind.  The office changed his mind for him, as he was still coming at him at his feet.

I am looking for stand up Americans.  Learn our language, obey our laws, or get out of our country.  We have many levels of problems.  I am compassionate, and truly have feelings for the parents.  My son died at the age of 17.  No gun involved.  Still never the less, he has been dead the rest of my life.  Its not fair.  That, I understand.


I have not one ounce of respect for any reporter on the scene.  They have contributed on a daily basis to the problem.  As for the astute observation, “This looks like a war zone”,

Where are the bodies?  The LA riots were the devils play ground….  This will not happen across this country again, not over just playing the “Black” card.  Last night “Stand Up Americans” moved to the front.  I talked with a work release man the other day.  He has

3 months of a 10 year sentence to serve yet.  I congratulated him, and reminded him to keep his nose clean and to remember he is an “American.”  He said, I will, and stated he has “been helped by so many people along the way”.  He shook my hand 3 times before I

left his company.  I know truth, and I know respect.


If every veteran that has served this country faithfully (BLACK or WHITE) were to receive 2 votes, the likes of the looters, trouble makers, and rioters along with the trash in Washington that empowers what they are about, would be voted “Off the Island”.  Can you understand that?  You are going to hear more and more from the “STAND UP AMERICANS.”  I know you don’t give a damn, but we have a “ONE WORLD” problem, and this is as much of my time as you get.  May God have mercy on you.              TRK

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They Are Our Children

Monday, August 18th, 2014



The Vice President informed the world of OUR responsibility concerning the handling of all the children streaming across our border.  The claim that they are our children boggles the mind.  Mr. Biden, considering your lofty position, and your access to our deep pockets, I can at least understand where your benevolence is coming from.  From my standpoint, let’s look at some present day reality, concerning OUR CHILDREN.  In view of the fact that the government of Japan has clamped a press black out and the suppression of news concerning the Fukushima-Diachi nuclear disaster, we need to talk..


OUR CHILDREN and their spouses and children are in danger, just being anywhere on the main island of Japan.  Oh you say no one in Washington knows anything about it.  It happened 3-11, of 2011.  The first encounter with it was during “Operation Helping Hand”.  The time just after the sunami, during the original explosions and melt down.  We have between 1/3 and ½ of the 5000 man crew of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Regan that is effected with radiation poisoning.  The ship was not allowed in at least 3 world ports because of its condition. Check with the VA on the latest status of these servicemen.


More some smoke and mirrors!  The country of Japan (3 years into the problem) have 4 or 5 pieces of robotic construction equipment on site.  Continuing leaks and explosions have occurred.  The largest this year was an explosion and fire under Reactor 4 in February.  More serious activity was recorded around July 2014. About that time typhoon Heoguri (raccoon dog) in Korean, crossed the country from south to north, crossing directly over Fukushima with 45 ft sea waves, about 100 mile per hour winds and torrential rains.  Those particals assecended into the jet stream, and courtesy of the “Pineapple Express”, made their way to our upper Midwest and pelted us with up to 18 different isotopes of radiation.  Tell your boss the 2, 20 or 200 million dollars they are spending on finding mites in our bees is a small problem.  Ask the Polish what the effect was on their bee population after Chernobyl.


Back to OUR CHILDREN, and THEIR CHILDREN.  Whether it is political correctness or just stupidity, the cover up is just going to keep killing innocents people.  OURS and theirs.  Get every American associated with the military, their dependants, and government officials off that island.  The 5 government agencies (nuclear) of the US, don’t have any comment, the United Nation reports its business as usual, and Japan has a black out going on, by decree.  They don’t know where 2 of the reactors are, they are currently experiencing  “CRITCIALITY”.  It means melt down…Not good!  The World nuclear community, needs to rise to the occasion, or are you the ones putting out the propaganda that the answer everyone is looking for is death?


Before I wrap this up I must say for 3 years now, 400 tons of radiated water has been being poured in to the Pacific Ocean.  The ocean that comes to Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, California and yes even Mexico.  Nancy Polosi, open your ear, eyes, mind and be still.  You people make up the front promoting the “Federalist” state concept.  You are as effective as the “Federalles”.   Mexico North.  That is another story for another day.  Priorities Honey.  The Pacific Ocean could be your only source of water in 5 more years.  In 5 more years that water will glow in the DARK.  Get the picture?   The cost of the lies and blind eye turned isn’t worth the crumbs being scrapped away.  An information revelation is already under way.  How many people are going to have to be buried face down to get our country back?


Germany has already started to dismantle their reactors.  Russia is working on 2 new generations to replace all the Chernobyl type reactors.  Thorium reactors, that can be controlled are being designed.  You are seeing the death of the Pacific Ocean start to unfold.  What price must the world pay for GE and Tepco?  Or is it that the war over the automotive industry has escalated that much?  Throw me a bone here.  Which is it. “You’re setting on your hands”, or “Your heads are out of sight.”      TRK

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US Jobs

Monday, August 4th, 2014



I would like to greet you with a cheerful and encouraging note, but on the subject of jobs, that is a hard sell at this time.   There are some signs of new strength in the housing market, with pockets of new construction as well.  With 20 million recalls in the auto sector, parts manufacturing and service is seeing a rise in activity.  The extra amount of

communications required, rescheduling, disruption of family events and activities, along with lost hours on current jobs and disruption of normal production flow,  this is a continuation of the downward spiral of meaningful commerce and production.


With the black teenagers at a 15.5% unemployment rate there is an unanswered call for more jobs.  There are many areas where white teens are in the 10+% rate as well.  Entry level employment is in the throws of chaos because of two main factors.  Shortened hours to skirt healthcare difficulties, and major escalation of minimum wages in various parts of the country.  These factors plus the slowing of cash flow in the economy is stagnating employment in many areas.


The main hope is for jobs in the petroleum sector. There is hope at least in parts of the country for the young, robust and healthy people, and mostly men. The oil fields are running full tilt from Texas, to California, Colorado, Montana and N. Dakota in the western states.  Ohio, Pennsylvania and W. Virginia in the east.  Both coasts of Canada are likely sources for on going work.  Also, Alaska is gearing up for a new gas pipeline that will be helpful.  They are taking local help for jobs first, then supplementing with outsiders.  The edge goes to veterans in this field because of physical training and their ability to relocate.


Several trillion dollars are setting off shores, profits made outside the Continental US

is still waiting for more favorable tax conditions to be put into play.  We are hearing of more companies that are going ahead and building in other companies.  The continuing growth of government departments is eroding the base of potential production based employment.  During the Washington shutdown, as little as 18% of the people from different agencies were roughly all that was need to keep them running.


Job training programs are the long term answer.  Many high schools are developing an on going curriculum around vocational training.  That is not providing jobs today.  Congress

and the administration have had the opportunity over the past 6 years to make things of a positive nature happen.  Automation and now the onset of robots in manufacturing and warehousing causes the pressure to continue to mount.  Working jobs are not being created for man today in the electronics age, as was the case during the growth period of the industrial age of American commerce.


These are no good answers for everyone.  The education system ( higher particularly) needs to be totally revamped.  The only thing that is going to come easy is nothing.  Today those who have, need to reach out with encouragement and a helping hand were ever possible.                                                                                                        TRK


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3 Presidents

Monday, August 4th, 2014

Its time to reacquaint the public with the idea of how responsible government and its leaders deal with problems that relate to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, for the citizens of our country.  We have a serious recession continuing, ten years worth of veterans trying desperately to reestablish their lives, a Veterans Hospital debackle,  the general health care system in shambles, a runaway border problem, and a Congress destined to continue on their destructive path of political ineptness.  Respected and revered Presidents in the past have risen to address the problems facing our country.  I expect no less today.  The generation that faced the problems of WWII was for its time the greatest generation.  I am telling you here and now,  that the “Greatest Generation” of America better still be ahead of us, if we are to survive as a nation.  Keep the faith, open your eyes and your mind.


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Stand by your man

Monday, August 4th, 2014


“Stand by your man”.  Guess what… we might as well throw that out with the bath water.

At least when it comes to the United States, in relationship with the Organization of

American States.  Over 130 years it has been started, stopped and been changed by name

several times.  Currently it has 35 signatories, with another 65 countries listening in on the party line.  There is a top dog, followed by 6 lower top dogs heading all the divisions.

I looked over the 2012 budget, and came to the conclusion that the $250,000 a year salary for the Secretary General was in line with other governmental positions.


Its headquarters are in Washington D.C.  Upon looking at the pie in the sky, it appears that virtually two thirds of the budget is made up of salary requirements of the staff.  They only meet once a year, somewhere in the western hemisphere.  The Secretary General flies first class only.  All others, are relegated to economy class travel.  Next, we find a yearly scholarship program, which is a major expense and I think it comes out of the budget as well.  That money could build schools in a number of countries.  Those three items make up the majority of the budget.


The only definite thing about the organization that is profound happens to be, in the event of a hunta, coup de ta or an over throw of a government, they are required to meet within three days to determine if those involved need to be kicked out.  This hopefully is  done by teleconference.  They have by laws, non-tariff agreements, aid programs, human rights guide lines, as well as economic development programs.  Oh yes, also an on going effort to rid the hemisphere, from the scourge of drug trafficking and governmental corruption.  One meeting a year will keep the lid on that pot for sure!


Mr. Oblama met with representatives from Honduras, Guatemala and Equador last week in Washington D.C.  Now is the time to roll more money out. Shouldn’t we export more than hardened criminals from Los Angles back to their own countries?   How about new strains of pine trees that will grow in the jungles, so that they will have wood to build homes.  Mills to produce Portland cement. Have they no natural resources besides mud and coral?  With 48 Million Americans on food stamps, we do not need more mouths to feed.


Folks… we “are being taken for another ride.”  OAS, read my lips, OAS.  Don’t forget it.

OAS.  Lets be fare to all involved.  One course of action would be to declare Martial Law over Mexico and Central America, then very quietly bulldoze Columbia to soccer field grade.  What a great opportunity for sod growers and labors, great investments for Brazil who has so much experience at building soccer fields, and an overwhelming market for beer and soft drinks.  Lest we forget uniforms, T shirts and flags as well.


Something has to change.  The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your arm.  It’s the same “the world round”.  Who was the jerk that came up with we searched “to the four corners of the earth”?  I think that is one of our other major problems.  More smoke and mirrors.  Hug your kids tonight and keep on “keeping on.”


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