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Yes. It’s Happening

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Yes, It is Happening, or It Should Have Happened!

It is time to just “be prepared”, because there is more to come. If you don’t understand what I’m saying in two or three lines, there is no reason to waste a page on it. I will just let you go back to sleep.

The US Navy should have had hands on with the New Horizon well site fire. One or two aircraft carrier tenders could have supplied enough fire suppressants to put out the fire the first day. We have not let many carriers sink because of fires caused by jet fuel and igniting bombs. Using three tugs, to put salt water on the fire for over two and a half days is what sunk the rig. It could have been flown in by seaplane if not by ship. They knew what they were doing. Beryllium lined shape charges could have collapsed the pipes with the oil flow contained in them also. Has everybody thrown out all of the Popular Mechanics? It’s just common sense and another product taken off the market.

The three Admirals that showed up on Capital Hill, that we don’t know about testifying. Look up “6th Fleet” under Wikipedia. The deterrent and response power it possesses.  The AfriCom General in Europe, in command of 180 troops over Africa at the time, was a good cover for what went on. Thirteen living witnesses that have not given testimony is unfathomable. You go ahead and kiss up to Hillary. Besides the death of our people, there was the looting of Libya. Later the US gave up 300 HumVee type vehicles used for training the Libyan troops when the program got swept off the table. Now the towel heads have something better than Toyotas to work with.

The investments of ten billion dollars by American oil interests in the Caspian Sea has some bearing on Russia’s play in Europe and the Black Sea. Tell me about the “Blue Streak” dual 36’’ pipelines that shows up in Turkey, that was shut down after a year because Turkey couldn’t afford that much oil. Setting idle I don’t think so. It could be pumping out oil from US interests in Russia. Europe can be getting natural gas from the 3rd largest field in Europe. Under Romania. You don’t want answers that work!

Obama is not a patsy or a scapegoat. He is a CIA tool. Things have gotten out of hand. Like Pakistan is our second largest nuclear problem, Russia is the first in that area. But our own people are the biggest problem. The CIA has gone domestic. With over twenty Muslim Mosques in Houston, it should be our first designated site for wide scale terrorism on the continent. Ask a fireman about “flash point”. Did you know about the 4-5 Billion refitting of the Houston Harbor in preparation of the completion of the new Panama Canal next year? There is a new electronic process to break down the viscosity of the Canadian Tar Sand product? Get over the thought that what’s going on in America is just a long string of bad mistakes.

Edward Snowden is a tool. Any news item the last two months is just “smoke and mirrors” for what is already going on, on another stage. Beware of the United Nations Bill about small hand guns before the US Congress. Any country that ratifies that bill will be under their control on the issue the next time around. You can put the United Nations and Homeland Security in the same pot. A presidential decree will put the keys to our National Guard Armories in the hand of Homeland Security in the event of a national disaster. I’ll try to mention “MinuteMen United” the next time around.

Any NATO country that is building armament for communist block countries is, in my opinion, aiding the enemy. France has a 1.2 billion dollar contract with Russia. They are currently building two helicopter based ships for deployment. But then the US is buying over one billion dollars worth of M-17 helicopters for Afghanistan. It all runs together when it’s put in the pot with the lights all out. The shadow knows!

Don’t tell me that war is just a game of “tag”. Beware, the “Military Complex”. It is prepared to survive intact, at any cost. Iraq was one of our better wars of late. Over one hundred billion dollars have been withheld from their oil revenue, for payment of debts to the US from our involvement in the war to free them from themselves.

Unbeknown to most, all of this is being kept track of by God. The “Sands of Time”, is
currently what is happening in “Silicon Valley”, and its equivalent groups in the world. Technology has surpassed the capability of man to handle its consequences. There are at least three fields that this problem is at a critical mass situation.

The drug problems in Mexico are no less prevalent than in the last six years. The press has been eradicated. No news is good news… Right? Most Mexicans arriving now in the US are happy to not be buried in a barrel of sulfuric acid back home. I think the Eagle in the Mexican flag is moving the rattler to it’s next victim. Call reality what it is. Even if it is only symbolism.

The east coast drug market is pretty well being covered by the five billion dollar
investment in Haiti and Jamaica. The route could be called the “Orange Blossom Special” if it was for a train. (Pick a government agency) that patrols the Floridia Turnpike to make sure only the right drugs get through. And yes a good bit is still coming thru Canada. “You’ll get your country back when we’re through with it”. Is it them talking to us, or us still talking to the Indians? I have seen the Eagle shed a tear as well.

You know God is doing more than just watching. With all the letters of the alphabet, and the numbers as well, formed in the designs of the wing of butterflies, you must agree that a higher calling than man has shaped and fashioned our destiny. Yes.. I am an old man. Not over educated. Far from wealthy. But I truly know the meaning of love. God has so much of it to share with all of us.

On one other event. The mystery of flight MH370. I feel the two unseen but obvious clues provided by the pilot could shed some light on the entire situation. One photo has him wearing a “democracy” tee shirt. Another photo had him wearing a tee shirt with a submarine on the front. You don’t need a Ouija board to see those identity crumbs from the perpetrators. There is always a signature on any event.

Say country X has deployed the new fleet of ballistic submarines in the Antarctic, and along with their super torpedoes, is the newest generation of ballistic missiles. Tipped with nuclear anti matter fusion able material; No explosion. It creates a black hole. Ergo, no debris. Who can deny, it’s less messy than conventional war. And at such a perfect location in the world.. I could be wrong… I could be right. Why were all five of the American Atomic Carriers in port at one time in the last 2 months? What if Russia has gone underground the last 10 years, and relocated their weapons development assets, like, after Hitler’s “Barbarossa” campaign in WW2?

Beryllium is not a new element on the atomic scale. Germany worked with it on the “Bell” project during WW2. Beryllium pellets mixed in U-235 rods can control run-a-way meltdowns from exposed U-235 cores. It has a melting temperature of over 4000 degrees and can help control melt downs. Just like the Ford Pinot. It’s designed with seat belts, air bags and a gas tank bladder, at a cost of $2.00 and change. Let’s hope the bean counters are put on a shorter leash in nuclear power. U235 alone need not be the fuel of the future. Expediency is going to kill all of us. Is death the last answer humankind is looking for?

There so many more hummingbirds in the world than us old buzzards, you should not have any problems forgetting my words. Just do not keep waiting for answers you want to hear, and have to replace them with tears.

At no time should you fell committed to believe any notion I have. Being right has nothing to do with our world or society today. If I have struck a nerve, in at least one subject, a night with no sleep has been worth it. May God protect and guide you. TRK

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US Corruption, Al Qaeda, and the Middle East

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Yes sir… the cream keeps risin to the top!   It’s called WHITE lies!  Show me a country that will put up with anything the machine will put out, and I will give you a mess that can continue to be compounded daily at an unquenchable rate.  Who are the major players:

You can’t have a game with out major players.

IN Government                                            Out of Government

CONGRESS                                                   The Mafia

LOBBISTS                                                     The Mexican Cartels

Justice Dept                                                   Al Qaeda

The EPA                                                         Homeland Security

The Energy Dept                                           The State Department

The CIA                                                          Chinese Trade

The Military Complex                                   The Good Ole Boys

Bought and paid for Unions                           The US Postal Service

Homeland Security                                         The CIA

The Press (controlled by Zionists?)              NSA

The Press (controlled by the govt)               Any American Farm Org

The Presidential Press Secretary                  Wall Street

The State Department                                     The League of Billionaires

Nuclear Waste Program                                   Pick a Church

International Monetary Fund                         The United Nations

World Bank                                                        Rogue Governments

This gives us enough players to get us started.  Please note some appear on both lists and these may just be the direct ties.  Covert Ops will influence some of the lines draw in the sand.

A message to Al Qaeda:  Now you have the Yankees scared and the Middle East shut down, where are all the SA-7 rockets from Libya (still buried in the sand from 5 years ago?)  Just go plane crazy. You could get our meddling operatives out of your territory for good with your “Summer of 13 Extravaganza”.   Load up as many leaky tubs as you can find, fill them with what ever goes boom.  Put at least 10 tankers to the bottom in the Bosporus, the Suez canal, and the Straits of Hormuz.  Obama wants you to lay down and give us a free ride while he’s throwing his shoes over your heads.  All we have left are crack heads, runaway dads, gays, drunks, mama makers, and so many worthy criminal brothers that want a fresh start.  You can have Africa and the Middle East to yourselves.

You Da Man.  Weaky Leak and the new Russian Putin move with new nuke subs in the South Pacific could be his cover for Pakistan.

May God have mercy on us.  No others will.



Tex R. Kline- Founder



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Jobs for Americans

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

It seems we have a problem of jobs and people with out them.  Using a SHOVEL is honorable work where I came from.  Let’s look at it from this way.

Joseph Stalin wanted a canal dug across Northern Russia.  It took the lives of about 20 million prisoners and 8 to 10 years to complete.

We could recount the works of Hitler, and his countless endeavors during World War 2.

Here in America we just have an employment problem.  Since the politicians cannot get us past this problem, it may well be God is helping with a solution.  The West is very dry this year.  Pretty country, but every thing is burned to the ground.  How about we put a few million people on trains, send them out west. Some can plant trees.  Some can level land to farm or build new companies on, and even some dams.  A few roads may help too. On the way, plow up most of Detroit, and plant sugar beets.

They would Not be slaves, not be prisoners, not be people that are starved or executed.  We’re talking about Work for Some of our citizens that receive a living wage for doing nothing.  Head West… Make a new life for yourselves.  America has jobs for you.  Build new dikes along the major rivers.  Demand river rats move to higher ground, and quit flooding 100,000 of valuable crop land.  Build them new homes.  Why not?  It’s honest work.  As for Cario, Illinois – Blow the town, rebuild it on a hill.  Dredge the whole area, and build staging terminals, barge repair slips, and other floating terminals, in the water……Break water facilities.

There would be more jobs created buy selling shovels, boots and gloves than this country has seen in the last 5 years.  I’ve seen more visions while leaning on a shovel handle at the end of a day, than most people could ever dream of.

And for that fool in Washington that says a pipe line from Canada will only make 50 permanent jobs.  Well when he puffs his bottom lip out, it’s the smoke he’s blowin!  Don’t hold your breath on the “Black Muslims” doing your deeds.  White and Black, this country is going to be rebuilt.  Let’s just pass on the next war, and rebuild our country out in the desert.  It can happen.  “Bugsy Seigle” has a dream.  He wound up taking the taxi, but then not everyone in Vegas is a winner.

By the way, The House of Representatives have a chance.  It seems the politicians want to be their own investigative reporters.  The U.S. Senate is over due.  You’ve played your last card.  Tap dance if you have to, but get something done or there’s going to be hell to pay.

Tex Kline – Founder

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The Demise of USPS and Social Security

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Aug 6th  Silverhill Calling…..

The Postman. It was just a movie…  I want to make so many quaint remarks… share views… re-write parts before it becomes our history.  The future of America is being written now! Yes Sir, when I grow up I want to be a cat wrangler.  I’m sure it will take a degree of some kind.  Which should I take “Political Science” or “Liberal Arts?”

The new Government Education Counselor suggested both degrees would be advantageous.  It would seem you need to be flexible and crafty with the critters.  There is definitely a science to the profession and to do the job properly you have to be aware of political correctness when entering into corralling this ongoing insurgency.  I know… You were with me until it turned into gibberish.

History is repeating itself as we read.   When Social Security started in the 1930’s, my Great grand parents, Ora and Frank Anderson were among those to receive it.  They lived in the Midwest.  There should be records that the government still has.  At any rate, they received it for several months, and it appeared according the neighbors and town’s people, they were spending lavish amounts on food and they were reported.  They were in their mid to late 80’s in 1945 when I was a child.  They had raised eight children.  It was at the end of the depression.  Till around 1960 or there about, people went home to their family on Sunday, or the weekend if they live 15 miles away and did not have a car.  At any rate their Social Security was taken from them.    End of story.  Times do change.

What I’m telling you is the truth as I know it.  If you want more truth and knowledge, it’s just like potatoes.  You have to dig for it.  And the fingerling sweet potatoes they leave in the field, well they are the best.  Boil a small pan full.  Cool and peal them, then mush them with a fork, add butter and brown sugar, or just butter and cover with some of moms white chicken gravy.  Great eatin, and that’s the truth.

So along came the 1980’s and the government had gotten pretty used to spending what it wanted to and so on.  Well, While the US had been rebuilding every country that went to war with us, our people were getting their handkerchiefs out to wipe their eyes and the politicians were gittin’ their billfolds out of the other pocket to have more money to spend… so to speak!

CONGRESS in their great and infinite wisdom, realized we’ve got this Social Security and other said funds (Ear Marked) that’s a term used by farmer and rancher, surely both dumber than dirt, to keep track of their live stock.  Do they call it live stock because you make a living from them? HUH!  Those funds had one purpose alone, to be multiplied over the years by wise investment to be used to pay out years into the future.  I think this story needs to be told about four different ways.  The general fund is what the government has to spend everyday until the next payday or when more money comes in.  If they don’t both happen at the right time, they didn’t have money…  Some of the good ole boys (usually the ones that had been around 30 or 40 years) said let’s put that money to use now, cause we’re plum broke, and those hicks will just keep sendin it in always.   (This part was mostly for the kids).    I guess I need to do better on the spelling with them.

(This part is mostly for the adults).  Remember kids are gullible. They’ll almost believe anything.  NOW for the hard sell.  I’m not putting labels on any one but, for 40 some years the Democrats had control of Congress. Be that as it may.  By the time it was stopped, the Government had bilked the Social Security Trust Fund of $2.5 Trillion Dollars.  Solid Green backs were re-placed with $2.5 Trillion Dollars of worthless Government Treasury Bonds.  This is Our Government at Work Folks.  Greed comes first… then maybe the truth seeps out.  YOU…being anyone under 50, have been sold out.  Get over it..  Ok…  Turn the other cheek.  Well it’s comin’… the Post Office is next.

I’m in favor of taking a new vote.  ALL of those in Congress that voted to raid the Social Security TRUST Fund, and remember “In God we trust”,  If those members who voted for this travesty of justice have since retired and died, have them exhumed, and re-buried face down.  Do it purely out of respect for what they have done to their country and the future generations.  For those that are still in office and presumably alive, that voted for it, have them stripped from office, and when they die bury them face down.  Does anybody get the picture of what is being done to our country?  Don’t talk to me about victim justice.  This would be as close as the country would get.

NOW… back to my original thought.  The Postman… just another movie, more age for the little mush heads.  I loved Uncle Remus, and my favorite book was “Little Black Sambo,” and all I remember was the lions ran around in the circle so fast they melted down into butter or honey.  I’m proud to say “Steppin Fetchin” was an Indiana boy, as well as Wes Montgomery, a very fine jazz guitarist.  I sculptured a bust of him and it probably would be worth something today if it could be found.  I asked my daughters this week to start calling me daddy.  They are around 50.  I think it’s about timing. By the way, the railroad air break was invented by a black man.  The first traffic light in Indianapolis was invented by a black man.  I think it’s worth knowing.

Congress, in their great and infinite wisdom, it is their turn to repeat history….  Now gather round chillin…This is about the Post Office.  We’ll start at the kinda beginning, this is my story and I’m sure it’s closer to true than what they put in the history book. This is how the post office in the west began.  The mail was carried by hand across the country. It was not easy for the Pony Express riders or their horses.  Trips were up hill both ways every trip.  They would “ride like the wind”, if was a short distance, usually 15 to 20 miles (I guess) they could make it in a day.  If it was longer than that, he might tie on another horse to take along. Sometimes there were not (weigh) stations every so often, or it may have been burnt down by Injins.  When he rode the first one into the ground, he would change the saddle, shoot the other horse, and ride one.  Much like some would do to a good man today when he is down.  There were routes of over 700 miles or so, and they ran every couple of days.  Both ways.

The Indians, often nomads and bands of warriors, would at times kill the riders, and slaughter the horses to eat.  They all moved to France later.  By the way, the largest exporter of horse meat today in the world is Australia.  They export beef, mutton, and goat to the United States.  The majority of the horse meat (steaks) goes to France.  And occasionally some fast food stores “Over There”.  Hamburger’s got their name from the gentleman who invented them.  He lived in Hamburg, Germany. And just for giggles, the song “Over There” was written about our Yanks who went to help end one of the great patriotic wars.  The last line of the song went “And we won’t be back till the war is over, over there”.

Back to the Pony Express….. After about 6 months the women got tired of cooking to-go meals, so they shut down.  Actually it wasn’t making any money.  Plus a lot of horses were getting killed.  There’s more to the story than that.  People wrote on toilet paper (which had not been invented yet) as the postage was say 50 cents per ounce.  Today price maybe $25.00   Little Known Fact:  70 % of the people in the world have never seen toilet paper to this day.

Back on track now…  We’re talking about the mail.  Over 200 years ago the United States Postal Service was formed.  It has served us well all this time. (Please note) USPS will be what we call them from here on.  I KNOW YOU WEREN’T BORN JUST YESTERDAY…  “Rain, Sleet or Snow” and all that stuff.

Along Comes Congress, and “I’ll huff, and I’ll puff and I screw the whole damn thing up!”

I’ll give you some hints, but you’ve got to work for some of this.  No credit for this… you’ll just get smarter.  I used to write copy (ads) for old radio stations.  The number of dots and the distance to the next word and if it was capitalized all meant something to say a colleague, or a friend, someone you liked or worked with.  Kinda like being on the same wave length. Now I guess it’s if your brain pattern is in alignment.

Ok.  The USPS is not a department of the government.  It is like saying Washington D.C. is not a state.  That’s where it ends except for the fact that the fools screwing up the USPS are all in Washington D.C.

Enter in the modern age.  Technology….Changing trends in Society….An end of an Era. That’s Congress for “were going to screw this up, take care of ourselves, and put you on the skids.”  I think both parties are in up to their chins on this one too.

You can trust as much as you can read on the internet, posted by the Union or USPS itself.  You don’t have to trust Congress because they haven’t told you anything.  It is not just one or two things.  Lobbying, Unfair Business Ethics, Pension Funding,…..It goes On and On.

The one gripe I have with the USPS is the number of new stamps.  It’s not a small thing.  There is a new set of Forever flower stamps with about 20 in the set.  Start with an administrator, Project Supervisor,  Concept Designer, Artist Staff, Engravers, Equipment, and full compliment of Pressmen.  Packaging, Marketing people, Advertising Agency, Publicity Budget, and Shipping.  Let’s talk money!  There is another set out this week that is very nice.  The engraver program training is up to 7 years.  Are we talking $80,000 to $100,000 salaries per year per person.  FDR liked stamp collecting,

And Congress built new warehouses to put $2 Billion dollars worth of Presidential coins that are not in circulation and never will be.  A blind man is smarter than the jokers pulling these tricks out of their hats.  Make a coin 10 to 15% smaller than a half dollar.  A quarter is supposed to be the size of a quarter…. Do you get that?  A dollar is another SIZE.  Tell me I don’t have a degree.  Don’t talk to me about the big bucks.  Common sense speaks for itself.  Seventeen countries have stopped minting pennies.  Canada is the latest.  We are good at losing money while trying to make money.  Hell of a deal!

The Congress is requiring the USPS to pre fund their pension program to over 70 % in advance.  That is where the 5 Billion dollars of debt of operation began in 2008.  Since then they had over paid by 11.5 Billion dollars at one time.  Now they are 13.5 in arrears to Congress.

People Wake Up….  Shepard’s of America…. Our flock are the thieves.

I know you will not believe what I tell you… USPS can not bid on any government agency contracts because Congress makes them stick to fixed rates.  They are not a government Agency.  The American Replacement flags sent by the Veteran Administration are delivered to government offices (including the Post Offices) all over the country by UPS (United Parcel Service).  BROWN in other words. The USPS delivers 40 % of ALL of the MAIL IN THE WORLD.  The Post Office is prepared to layoff 100,000 union members.  Post Offices have been closed.  Let them operate like a private business.  If we do not do something soon, the USPS will be bankrupted, the Union contracts broken, and the $70 Billion in prepaid pension funds will be drained off in a very shabby cooperate take over.

As the Eagle is atop the flag pole so shall it rise above the abomination you call a government presently in control of this country.  The Committee with control over the United States Postal Service needs to be disbanded.  If “We the Sheeple” let the postal system fail from within, we deserve no better that what we get.

Read The Internet…  For God’s sake open your eyes.

America prepare yourself, for as sure as God is my witness, Congress- you are the people’s servant.  You do not want to know how cruel your Master can be.



Tex R. Kline- Founder


Foot note:  I have had 2 mild heart attacks in one week and severe angina the following week.  Next week I will have a stint replacement from my kidney and the next day minor surgery on my back.  I am up to 20 tablets a day for mostly heart problems, and I’m going in for more bladder cancer surgery in two weeks.  I have another set of articles written and will try to have them posted yet this week.  May God have mercy.

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And What if ?

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

And what if ….Aug. 19, 2013


What do you think will happen if some fine morning God would decide it would be a good day for everyone to speak the same language?  Now that would be a fine howdy do!

Would you be prepared for it?  Oh yes…. To speak in tongues, all the same language and at the same time.

He is weighing decisions… The many incidents are just feelers.  As for the women reporters on TV who say “You may find this video disturbing”.  Go home and wash some dishes.  Be a mother to your children.

Egypt has seen God’s wrath many times.  Christian churches are being burned to the ground.  What would one say to lightning flowing from his fingers to reduce each Mosque to dust?  God is doing more than looking over our shoulders.

Grain prices increased in 2011, which hurt, but the fact Egypt is no longer an oil producer, the government cannot subsidize the food market, people cannot feed their families on $2.00 a day.  Meanwhile, the Nile is drying up and crops are very weak.

There are many forces at work, all centering on the shallowness of us as humans.  It’s about timed for those that create the lies to deal with the problems.  There is very little water in Egypt, less food, and an abundance of fools ready to destroy everything.

God will make you open your minds as people refuse to use their eyes.  He’s taking his time.

Find something to believe in.  This folly shall end.



Tex R. Kline – Founder








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School Age Child Deaths in Democratic Run Chicago

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Obama was upset when his gun registration bills failed in the Democratic Senate. He needs to look in his own back yard.

Newtown, CT

Nineteen of 20 Newtown children are white.

All of a sudden the 2nd amendment should be repealed or altered.

Chicago children are mostly black.

The media is silent about Chicago violence.


Chicago: 446 school age children shot last year with strongest gun laws in country the media is silent.

The cesspool known as Chicago probably has the toughest gun laws in the country, yet despite all the shootings, murders, and bloodshed, you never hear a peep about this from the corrupt state run media.

In Chicago , there have been 446 school age children shot in leftist utopia run by Rahm Emanuel.

62 school aged children have actually been killed by crazed nuts in Chicago so far this year.

So why isn’t this news worthy?

Is it because it would embarrass those anti second amendment nuts who brag about Chicago’s tough gun laws?

Is it because most of the kids who were shot and killed were minorities?

Or is it because the corrupt media doesn’t want to show Chicago in a bad light?



18 YEARS OLD- 15

17 YEARS OLD- 16

16 YEARS OLD- 16








446 School Age Children Shot in Chicago so Far Last Year


18 year old -110

17 year old – 99

16 year old – 89

15 year old – 62

14 year old – 39

13 year old – 21

12 year old – 10

11 year old – 2

10 year old – 3

9 year old – 1

7 year old – 3

6 year old – 2

5 year old – 1

4 year old – 1

3 year old – 1

1 year old – 2

So why isn’t this news worthy?


The Political Leaders in Illinois; All Democrats!

President: Barack Hussein Obama

Senator: Dick Durbin House

Representative: Jesse Jackson Jr.

Governor: Pat Quinn

House leader: Mike Madigan

Atty. Gen.: Lisa Madigan (daughter of Mike)

Mayor: Rahm Emanuel

Chicago school system is rated one of the worst in the country.

State pension fund $78 Billion in debt, worst in country.

Cook County ( Chicago ) sales tax 10.25% – highest in country.

A culture of corruption that would make a Louisiana politician blush with envy.

Can’t blame Republicans; There aren’t any!

So the real reason the Press is Silent, is because there is NO ONE that they can blame for it . . .

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2 Wars

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

June 15, 2013           War to the left of us and war to the right of us…. So to speak…

Syria has caught the attention of one Washington’s graduates… Bill Clinton thinks that Mr. Obama looks foolish for not doing anything. It was 2 years ago in March when the uprising started. I took a few months to become aware at it. The first thing I posted was about the fact that it is “A Long and Bloody Road Back from Tyranny.” There had been 8 – 9 thousand deaths at that time. Now, 2 years later, with a total of over 93,000 lost souls and over 1.7 million refugees, the fighting is spilling over into about 5 other countries. Hezbollah and Al Qaeda are both active at this point. Given these two non- existent groups are well entrenched now, just begs the U.S. to do a little to make the fight fair.

The exercises are over in Jordan, but the planes and batteries are going to stay on. The Patriot missiles are still in Turkey. The new President in Iran is unlikely to change their stance as long as Russia is ready to up the ante. The U.N. and Russia do not believe the red line concerning gas attacks has been crossed. Not having pictures of hundreds of people laying in photos, looking like bloated dead pigs, as when the Kurdish people were gassed by Hussein, they will stick to their story.

Meanwhile Putin, is in the process of deploying about 30 new (two classes) of nuclear submarines, probably some in the Mediterranean. It is questionable if the 6th fleet is still on station, will have ample fuel to maintain full sweep recon over that broad of an area, let alone have an excess of Sonar-buoys to plunk down for back-up. Most new subs are carrying anti-ballistic missiles guarding from South polar attacks and stationed in the Indian Ocean, the south Atlantic, as well as the south Pacific.

Mr. Obama stated recently at the appointment of Miss Rice to the post of National Security Adviser, that he had set in on hundreds of meeting with the current adviser she was replacing. While sounding impressive, the fact is he had only attended about 45% of the close to 2000 daily briefings in the last 5 years.

NSA is almost approaching Saint-hood in comparison to the CIA. Meanwhile, we have the billionaire who has the contract to provide Obama phones to the poor and down trodden. I do not know if he is one of the 2 billionaires in Mexico that control all the cell phones there or not. Wouldn’t it be a real kick if all of the throwaway phones being used have sensors built into them that would analyze sweat or saliva, and pull up a DNA ID? O boy, this could get interesting. Remember the NSA is part of the war on terrorism. Electronic warfare… Will it never end? We have at least 35 Muslim training camps here on U.S. soil. There is an Arabic name for “Muslims of America”. Hopefully the U.S. Marshal’s will look into it. Homeland Security is busy with other problems.

On another page…. The budget of the most proficient group at seizing drugs is being cut. Yes sir, the Coast Guard just 2 weeks ago seized 2 billion dollars of cocaine off the coast of Galapagos Island in the Pacific Ocean. Their untiring effort on either side of Mexico has been outstanding as well. How about figuring how to post a few thousand of the homeland security forces in the Gulf and along the California coast? Fit them with water wings, and rotate them every 2 weeks. And don’t forget the 4 Billion rounds of 40 Caliber Ammo (hollow point) they bought for practice. DHS has 22 different agencies under its umbrella. There is nothing under control with this government.

And now, for the war on the other side of us. I don’t know if it’s the left or right but here goes. Let’s set the stage. We put NAFTA in place to balance the table somewhat. Once the bubble burst here in the states (around 2008) the 4 to 5 Billion dollars being sent home to Mexico started to dry up. We had close to 20 Million people from that country here at that time. Well, that is down to 11 million now (plus or minus). By the way, to move to Mexico, if you are retired you have to prove you have at least a $1500 dollars income per month to live on, because you cannot be a burden on the government. If you are of working age, you must have a letter of appointment to a job in Mexico. A degree, and verification of the college or other facility you received it from. How about that?????

Changing the subject. Who knows for what real purpose, some  years ago it was decided that it was necessary to plan for the protection of the fertile plains of America. No, not Homeland Security. The Northern Command of the U.S. military.  NorthCom is the keeper of the gate keys unless the United Nations  get its roots dug in and gives it over to the DHS, who then would  control all of the National Guard Armories. NorthCom is set up in Colorado, with the task of keeping the country together during  floods, earthquakes, food famines, riots and other problems of  biblical proportions. I’m afraid they may be thinking of writing off  FEMA. Anyway, the problem comes from south of the border.

With the “posse comitatus” law being repealed and having the full  force of the Canadian Military to police America, the military can turn  their attention to the South. Yes, there has been war going on in  Mexico for the last 7 years at least. From the “Did You Know File”,  there have been between 50 and 70 thousand people murdered in  Mexico. It is estimated to be as high as 150 thousand. Even since  the new President took office in December deaths (murders) have  been taking place at the rate of 1000 people per month. The same  number as for the past 6 years under President Calderon. The Billion dollars he got from the U.S. (DEA) per year helped keep  things going. They have a population of 114 Million, plus our 11 Million refuges from the war. Over 43% of the country live in  poverty. Everything in the country is corrupt from the government, to the church.

The Texas border is almost controllable. It is private property up to the Rio Grande River. Arizona and New Mexico is mostly government land near or at the border. Human mules are moving a lot of the traffic still coming in. There are many towns in Mexico that  for generations that have been safe havens for human trafficking.  Don’t talk to me about how wrong I am about my logic. The picture  I’m painting would not be a Picasso.

War on the right… Syria: 2 years : 93,000 dead : 1.7 million  refugees

War on the left…. Mexico: 7 years: 150,000 dead: 11.4 million  refugees

Over 50 Newspaper Reporters and Correspondents killed in Mexico.  The press now prints what the cartels release to them. The next  time you go to grill a shiskabob at home, think about the Mexican’s being chopped-up and usually disposed of in boiling barrels of  sulfuric acid, or dumped en mass on the local highway.

Look for God to start making choices. It takes more than prayer to  mend ravaged souls.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. The shadow  knows!                   Tex R. Kline

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Government Spending by taxpayers

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

What a blessing to have the freedom to go to church this morning.  One of the themes this morning was having enough believers.  Amazingly I find this same subject of importance to AmericaAndMe.Org.  One American at a time will not get the job done.  There is a link to the directory of Congress on our site.  We hope you will utilize it.  Meanwhile, have you heard the latest scoop concerning Mr. OBAMA’s trifecta?  Yes, I mean Benghazi, The Attorney General, and the IRS. 

“Camp Run-A-Muck” is open and ready to enjoy the entire summer. For a country struggling with expenses, a sense of direction and purpose, think about this. There are at least 5 active committees open today, with plans to run through the entire summer if needed.  If you have 10 House Members per committee, just a third of their staff in support of them  (approx 12 people each).  Building staff required to service the hearings, TV coverage for C Span services.  Then we have consultant lawyers for the Congressmen.  Say only 2 each.  Transcripts, copies, comments, and reports.  Congress is virtually at a stand still.  So the pork stays in Washington.

Now for the rest of the iceberg!  Are you aware that 65% of all the lawyers in the world live in America?   Well, how do we take care of as many of them as possible?  It all adds up.  This has all come about by bad or maybe just sloppy governing.  As any good hog farmer knows, you can only get so many hog to a trough.  When you slop the hogs they come a runnin.  And Washington is prepared to put out as many troughs as necessary.

Here is the rest of the iceberg.  First of all, there are the defendants, people of interest, Agency Heads, underlings, and other assorted misfits in the lime light. All are paid government employees. Of course, all are getting paid.  Most with assistants (also paid).   Cost for disruption or loss of continuity in their departments is un-estimated. Now for their councils, (at $400 to $600 per hour) paid by us or them.  We follow the witnesses as well.  Professional witnesses are paid.  Others only receive transportation and housing.  Hogs love everything from coal to sour butter milk and chicken internals as well.  OH yes.  The life of a lawyer in Washington.  The GOA will have somewhat of a handle on the cost of the committees hearings.  If they last, say till, Labor Day, it will be a good summer’s work for most involved. 

 I will be writing next about the U.S. Post Office.  FD Roosevelt did great things for the stamp collectors of the world.  Now, we need a new page in the album.  No more than 8 new stamps per year (total).  How many artists, photographers, engravers, setmen, and pressmen are there in the stamp producing department?   Many more people than in the engraving program at the US Mint!  With the average barber at the Capitol Hill Clip Shop making $81,000 per year, it’s understandable that the Barber Shop is in financial trouble.  They have a bank too.

The more I know, the more I believe, you are getting what you want and expect.  It is not beyond possible belief that your personal lives are a mirror image.


May God Have Mercy On Us, No Others Will.        Tex Kline  – Founder

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And on the other hand…

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

Let’s talk about some other problems.  Mr. Obama, in his calculating wisdom, shortly after being elected to his first term, required all casings (brass) of ammunition used by U.S. troops in training to be crushed and sold as scrap to the Chinese.  So what?  Many small businesses from coast to coast were the first to succumb to the “Obamanation” of our country.  Ammo manufacturers with as many as 400 employees have had to shut down.  Numerous companies went out of business.  This also started the drive up in the cost of ammunition.  Now components are in short supply.

In war and peacetime, arms and ammunition are manufactured in our country.  Recently, a 20 year manufacturing contract come up for renewal.  It was put up to bid.  The ammo had been produced by an American company over the last contract.  It seems it has been under bid or out bid by an English company named BAE.  Having foreigners making our ammo at best is very bad by my estimation.  They’ve since applied to be able to sell anything they produce to any country in the world.  Hopefully, after they fulfill their commitments to the U.S.  I know, you may read this.  You may not.  If it raises an eyebrow very good, if you raise a finger to look into it yourself, so much the better.  Remember, if you keep waiting for something to happen, it will.

We have since seen a large number of private weapons manufacturers bought up by a group named “The Freedom Group”.  An investment company owns them.  However, since the Newtown murders, pressure has been put on the holding company to divest them of the “Freedom Group”.  The Mayor of Chicago has loudly supported banking firms from providing loans to any gun manufactures.  Morally, Chicago stands in the shadow of Detroit, Michigan.

Now let’s look at Chicago.  Don’t tell me they don’t have a problem with politics and a life style based on the American way of life.  The Chicago Political Machine is alive and well.  Be it Black or White.  If the police will not respond this creates a problem.  If they have the strongest gun laws, and no firearms can be sold in Cook County something is amiss!  I lived in a ghetto that was patrolled at night by helicopters with search lights. Squad cars only came in pairs and then only in the day time.  This isn’t cheap talk.

This cannot be handled nicely.  Gather up all the lawyers representing drug dealers, drive by killers, robbers accused of homicides and require them to post at least a 1.5 Million dollar bond on each case they win.  It the event the person is again brought in for a similar case, forfeit the bond.  Upon finding the suspect guilty the second time,his first lawyer can share the sentence with the perpetrator and give the $1.5 Million to the court system.

There is no doubt that 90% of felonies in the area are committed by gang members or “want-a-be’s”.  Go into the GANG area, after putting up a 20 ft patrolled fence.  Bring in the fiercest of the fierce of “Homeland Security”.  Deal with the problem!   Death will be inevitable.  Recently a material witness was found the day before the court date with 26 bullet holes in him, in Chicago.  This isn’t the cream of the crop we’re dealing with.

How long do you think this will go on, before God takes a hand in it?

The rich want to leave now.  Give up their citizenship and all.  Has anyone thought of the poor and down trodden?  Maybe they want out too.  Since Carnival pays no taxes they owe us.  Any person wanting a free ticket to leave America could be processed out quarterly on a Carnival cruiser to the country of their choice.  So many people want us to be like where they came from.  Take sophistication, education, and skills back home and become a success in no time.  One free ticket from AMERICA.

No, I’m not mad.  Think about it again.  TRUTH IN GOVERNMENT.  IF every Department and Agency were to list a statement on their website home page, first list their total budget, the number of employees, full or part time, contractors and venders.  Followed by their total payroll, and lastly list what money is available for services to our citizens.  Don’t you know,  “GOVERNMENT IS BIG BUSINESS”.

Till the next time……. if there is one.

AmericaAndMe.Com     TRK


America and Me.Com is copy-righted, has publishing rights, and is trade marked as well.

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Washington is giving us the Rubik Cube dazzle these days.

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

I would like to explain the absence of activity on my part at AmericaAndMe.Org.  My left kidney was shut down for most of the summer.  It took till December for me to get back to reasonable good health.  We were blessed with a beautiful Christmas season, but just before New Years my stint was not working adequately.  It’s replacement was moved up from February to January.  After this, I will have surgery to correct the problem.  During 2012 I felt like I survived for 11 months and possibly lived one.

The election took its toll.  So now we move on.  I am of the belief that if we are to survive, we are going to have to think and work outside the box.  You ask why?   Corruption knows no bounds!  We deserve a fighting chance.

Since there has not been a budget the last three years to restrict government growth (with a no growth budget, there is only 6.6% growth hidden in the bills).  If the budget was held at that it would amount to around 20% in the size of government.  My first proposal is to require every Agency, Department, or entity of the Federal Government that identify themselves by a Website, to be required to post on the home page a “Truth In Government” Label.   Kind of like what’s on a can of chicken noodle soup!

5 or 6 real question need to be answered-

Number of full time employees?

Number of part time employees?

Number of contracts/sub contractors?

Total budget for the agency and or department?

Percentage of budget spent on salaries & wages?

Percentage of budge spent on services provided.

The (GOA) Government Office of Accounting can provide them that.  The numbers in Washington work for the politicians and lobbyists.   The rate of inflation has been so grossly tampered with in the last 10 years or so (the basis for calculation).   The formulas, exceptions, re-simplification, and unknowns, make auto dealers and their blue books look like Saints in their midst.  Good people, we need to send our shepherds to Washington to tend to our wayward flocks.  Not easy, not cheap, but needs to be done in a hurry.

The Senate has run out of cards to play.  The liberal press won’t even dip their toe in the polluted waters of the “Senate”.  Take a look at the personal wealth of the average Senator.  Just for kicks and giggles.  Sen. Harry Byrd packed close to a Billion dollars of pork into West Virginia.  It’s stand in the nation went from 47th to 50th over those years.

Oil shale and natural gas through free enterprise will change that without government help.

Moving on…  Senator Harry Reed spoke Christmas week in Washington. His comments were that I have learned to tap dance, and I will keep tap dancing till we get this all worked out.

The speaker of the Senate has the responsibility and should have to wear his badge of authority on his shoulders like a military officer, and be prepared to personally bear the burden for the lack of advancing the ideals he swore to uphold. To have not passed a budget in 3 years in the Senate and continue on the path of an obstructionist, borders on high treason.

It would seem his overwhelming confidence may well come from the nearly completed NSA recording center which will be on line in October of 2013.  Located just 30 miles south of Salt Lake City, it’s nestled in a nice Mormon community.  NSA now surpasses the J. Edgar Hoover days of the FBI, with tentacles reaching into each sector of our social media.   Congress is not going to price the internet with terminal fees, E mail charges and the like because cyber space and all of its services are already too great a source of information that is being compiled day by day.

The sensitivity of the human radar in America has been quite nicely set to where the media and the politicians only show us about the top 40 %.  Chicago is a problem you can not deal with as a human being.  Gather all the gang members at one stadium.  Pair them off, one on one.  The losers, the half that are killed are no longer a problem. Deport the winner with instruction “Do not return to senders”.  We have run out of easy fixes.

On another issue- Immigration exchange.   The rich are giving up their citizenship to go else where.  Are we so blind to leave our poor and distraught people who can not afford to leave America?  I propose a program where the government will provide free passage on a Carnival Cruise line, which pays no taxes because of their registry. These folks could get a fresh start in any country they desire.

BEFORE any thing else is done with the tide of immigrants from Mexico, we need to quit housing Mexico’s Cartel Reserves.  There are over 300,000 in our jails.  Pro-rate them and send the proper percentage to each of the state capitols in Mexico.

Mexico is now demanding to know how many and who are gun owners on our border states with Mexico.

About the Border- Cut backs on the border patrols.  They are pretty well demoralized from having the pension funds stolen by the president of the union.He along with the second in command commandeered $260,000.  Is this a union labor problem? Homeland security has 20,000 trained and armed persons.  They have gotten 4 million rounds of 40 caliber hollow point ammo.  Is this for training?  I have only seen one of the Homeland Search/Rescue units of the 2500 purchased.  It was in New Jersey the second day after Hurricane Sandy hit.

So 90% of all heroine is produced in Afghanistan.  It’s amazing that 80% of it is getting to America thru Canada.  From what I knew before the cartels put the lid on the press in Mexico, a good number of “The United Nations” gang members were getting chopped up as they tried to move their cocaine out of Mexico.

The  52 story tall PEMEX headquarters building in Mexico City, less the wall of the first 3 or 4 floors, may well have to come down after the explosion.  The company that provides over half of Mexico’s income looses over $2 Billion dollars to graft and corruption yearly.  The average year sees over 1200 intrusions and thefts from their pipelines as well.

On the tax exemption scene- The 110 year old oil drilling exemption needs to be looked at very closely.  Enough is enough.

Don’t get me started on the Keystone pipeline.  We are being played like a cheap banjo.  Something may happen sometime after Warren Buffet recoups his 34 Billion dollars he paid for the railroad moving half of all of the oil out of S. Dakota to the south.  One pipeline has already been turned around and is moving oil from Cushing to Houston now.  Houston has invested 4 billion dollars to upgrade their port and facilities to accept the new super tankers from the Pacific as the new Panama Canal prepares to open in the next 2 years.  The rest of the gulf coast could learn to embrace our future more aggressively.

My smile for today….

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?”  THE SHADOW KNOWS!

May God have mercy on us.  No others will.       AmericaAndMe.Com    TRK


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