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Time Goes By

Time Goes By

As Time Goes By. Time is of the essence. Time on my hands. How time flies. Where did the time go? There just isn’t enough time. Just give me a little time, Ill get it. Time was. The next time. Ill take care of it, when I get some time. What a waste of time.

I don’t have time for this. Well, I want to make it perfectly clear, that as we ponder our

options we may well be running out of time. Ive made some additions to my office which includes a new bulletin board. Big enough for up to a 4’ x 3’map. As my daughters would say, my latest obsession… Japan.

Today marks the onset of the latest of 3 major typhoons this season to pummel the mainland of Japan. The resent eruption of Mt. Ontake in west central Japan is of concern. The flooding and landslides on the eastern coast of the main island is of major concern as well. Torrential down pours have inundated the rivers and waterways through the lower two thirds of the country. Any where from 6 to 10 inches of rain have occurred in the Fukushima area. The Fukushima River has already flooded. The ground

water at the plant is spreading radiation around the grounds, and spilling over into the Ocean.

Typhoon Vongfong is on a direct path over Fukushima. Monday will tell all. Walls were said to have collapsed during Phangfone on October 5th, just a week ago. Winds as high as 150 mph are threatening, sea gales with waves from 35 to 50 ft are battering the shore.

The cloud cover is as large as the United States. The eye of the typhoon is reported to be 50 miles across. The Tokyo water company is composed primarily of 30 plus reservoirs.

All of them will be further contaminated by airborne radiation from the storm. When are the Japanese people going to say enough is enough?

Tepco has stopped work on the ice wall to block ground water from flowing to the ocean.

Ice and dry ice will not do the job. Liquid Nitrogen has a chance. The total contamination of the Pacific Ocean is not acceptable. Japan has admitted it will take 40 years at least to decommission the site. So there are 187 Quintrillion gallons of water in the Ocean, 400 Tons of water daily flow into it, (these are like BPs numbers for barrels of oil) plus all of the ground water from the typhoons which could triple that number. Someone is going to have to face the maker. Sooner than later hopedfully. Japan you are signing your own death warrant to let this go.

Pride is very dangerous master. What you are doing to the Northern Hemisphere is virtually as bad as the lot you are casting on your own citizens. Arise, the only

sin is to die in vain, without even a fight. May God have mercy on us all. TRK

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