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Ebola 10-2-14

I am taking this time to follow up on the fact that “Common sense is not that common anymore.” In the name of all that is holy, I do not in any way want to subject you to what some would consider social degradation, inflammatory language, or religious demagoguery. If you feel crude language for descriptive purposes, references to ethnic beliefs and traditions or opinions that reach beyond the Politically Correct bounds, PLEASE DO NOT read any further. PC is thrown out the window with the rest, when we empty the slop jar. Thank You.

We are dealing with a real hum dinnger this time! If I skip around it will be because thoughts are coming that quickly. But, before we get to the heart of the problem…

Beware of the United Nations, Embassies and Consulates in modern countries. Many travel procedures and requirements are waived for this group under any circumstance.

Domestic help travel with them as well. This dragnet is going to have to be flawless.

The United States has been dealt a “1, 2 punch”. Medically speaking. The infusion of over 100,000 children from Central America was the first punch. The spread of the more serious flue type strains among the already weak and hungry children being scattered about the country. Homeland Security is no longer give out locations that people are being transported to in the country. At any rate, over 40 states are reporting the more dangerous strain.. Now with Ebola in side our borders, this disease is being masked by the incubation period, as well as having the same early symptoms of flue or the more serious virus that is flowing it.

The CDC is playing games with the American public. Isolation facilities do not exist on a large scale anywhere in the country. Once cases are detected, they will have to be dealt with within the area wherever they occur. Transporting people will only exacerbate the problem. Mass transportation will have to come to a standstill. If this is a game… it is a deadly game.

Now for the reality of the subject. The major portion of the African American Community in America, are with religious orders, affluent faculties, are students or political and diplomatic persons. Even being from a “Third World Country” may not be a stain or blemish they could consider being marred by. But coming from “bush country” and the depths of the jungle presents another set of problems.

AIDS like Ebola, was a gift of Africa. It has been stated that there are at least half a dozen new and deadly diseases waiting in the shadows. Ethnic culture is not an area

to discuss with disrespect. That by no way is my intend, but when it defies the normal

ways of dealing with hygiene and sanitation at the lowest levels it cannot be dismissed or discussed politely. Practices in different regions of Africa are horrific. The nomads have a ritual for a good year of weather and harvest that includes the use of animal blood mixed with dirt or mud and packed in their hair, before the dance is preformed. In another area is not uncommon to modulate a cows vaginal canal aurally to stimulate her to give more milk. This is preformed by young boys as a rule.

Another tradition is to have female cows to urinate on the youngsters heads. The chemicals in the urine changes the color pigment from black to reddish blonde. This

is cultural, ethnic and extremely unsanitary. This is just the precursor to my opinion as to the depth of the basic problem the world is dealing with EBOLA from Africa. Over ¾ of the area in any country there, is make up of people that have never seen toilet paper, know what inside plumbing is, or even in most cases, have never seen an out house. In the Muslim world the right hand is un-clean. This is also the case in Africa. It is the hand the people wipe themselves with. This is a health issue and presents medical problems.

Rather than starting with 3 Billion Dollars to build isolation tents. And 3000 American troops who aren’t prepared for where or what they are doing from the on-set…. Let’s start a bucket brigade. For countries that do not have metal containers, utensils or the like; gourds, squashes, and other type of hollow vessels make up a good portion of the way (potable) water is transported. That by the way means “DRINKABLE WATER”. Not to be confused with water for a pot (toilet). (Non-potable) EDUCATION, IS A WONDERFUL THING!

Cowboys know to drink up stream of where the cattle cross. This knowledge has not necessarily been imparted to the utes in these countries. Basic help begins with… “Pots to piss in”. Centuries ago in merry England and further for that matter, persons who were extremely poor, were referred to as “piss poor.” That came about from them selling their urine at a measly price to be used by collects as fertilizer. Honey dippers, they were referred to as. Some say it was the generosity of the local Lord. This is also the origin of the saying “to poor to have a pot to piss in.” This is the way of many in rural Africa.

The most helpful, humane, and sanitary thing our civilized communities could do is provide them with say 1 million portable pots. Black plastic buckets, sorta like the ones at Ace or Lowe’s. Have the lids formed like a set of buttocks. With a knock out for gential access to the interior of the can. Rather than writing in plain English, use the appropriate language of the tribe or country… Silk screen the words “ Piss and Shit only”. Or at least words they understand. This is how BASIC the problem is….. Many would rather use the bucket to carry water in anyway, even if having already been used to store human waste. “Piss and shit”. Wherever the human nature urge strikes, relief is no farther away than their feet away.

They are not burdened with shame, vanity or reason. What problem does the lack of sanitation cause? They have no idea. You live, you die and they never give it a thought. Life is not like in your neighborhood, ALL over the world. And when they are done… Wipe with “your Nr. 1 finger”. The next time you are at a football game or watching at home you will see “We’re Number 1” fingers. You are living in another world!

The magic of it all, will be the contents inside the bucket when sent over. Sanitized and sealed. Six double rolls of American made toilet paper, complete with pictures of how to us it on each sheet. I am sure within a month, some Junior Ivy Leaguer will have figured out how to TP someone’s hut. Doctor over there are overwhelmed with the deplorable sanitation problems the people are facing. Its not as bad in the cities… Raw sewage running down the gutters of many of the streets… Dipping water out of troughs with any type buckets or containers is common.. Water can be gotten from a continuous running tap, a spring where animals are also watered. A ditch, creek, or river that is contaminated or reeks with raw sewage.

They need our help in the “Highest Order”. No photo ops, no ribbon cuttings. Those poor people would probably say “I would really love to have a pot to piss in” if they even knew what it was…. We can send over some engineering teams to build “Pot Pits”. One in every village. Give them a penny when they come to dump them every day. One good turn deserves another!!! And I bet within a year, some one will be a millionaire in every village, and people will be using their black buckets to carry water.

In conclusion, “God is doing more than just watching. Occasionally, he even cries happy tears.” Thank you for your time. I may be a fool, but I am an old fool. TRK

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