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Let’s take it around the horn.

“Let’s take it around the horn.”

We have several subjects to chase tonight. To 3rd base. Benghazi…

Want to venture a guess that the mission was messed up some time after the Ambassador was taken in to custody after the fires broke out. Is it possible he was to have been drugged and kidnapped, then used to facilitate a trade of an Arab prisoner? Is the paper trail gone? Has any references been made to the live streaming of audio and video to government agencies during the attack? How interesting!

Around to 2nd base:

When the training program for the Libyan militias the U.S. CIA was backing, who wound up with the 300 HUMVs? Good guys or bad guys? Well, I just guess we need to make 300 more to replace them with.

Over to 1st base:

Of the tanks that Iraq lost to ISIS, the wide treads could be fairly recent British tanks, no Germans, but possibly older Russians. The howitzers, tow behinds seem to all be new and larger bore. Don’t think we left them computerized units, and didn’t see any M1A2s in any video at least. Whos watchin the video anyway…

Back to home:

Now with the Kurds being the good guys (every bit as tough as the turks) How about Homeland Security sending over the 100 round magazines to them, that they have been passing out to the cops here? Lets up the anty!!

By the way: New rules of engagement… KILL ON SIGHT…

With 2,000,000 Syrians having left the country, and between 150 and 200 thousand casualities already. That leaves less than 2,000,000 in country. The eastern half of the country is ISIS controlled. Lets assume whoever is still there are government troops or ISIS sympathizers. Command and Control is surly weakened, as ISIS has over run a number of Syrian bases. Low collateral damage. Selective sites. Clean Nukes…

This is not a screw it up again war game we are playing.

No boots on the ground. Gather up the “Lawn Jockeys”, the Buffalo Soldiers, and the Cat Ranglers.. Put the A-10 Wart Hogs, front and center. 2 hours on target. If it moves shoot it, if it doesn’t move… shoot it anyway… draw the desert noose… Riders have a 50/50 chance that the horse will be shot. Those Cat Ranglers from Wyoming and Colorado will make the difference. I’ve got faith….

By the way, noses make nice trophies. We are civilized… leave the rest of the heads for the ants.

Lets play ball!

For anyone wanting to intimidate me, beheading real journalists doesn’t get the job done.

The Spirit of 76 TRK

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