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Highlights, Sept 8

Highlights   Sept 8


In respect to Fukushima… a factor or two I overlooked in my last report.  Mud Hogs,

that burrow tunnels thru, under and around Europe.  Pick a practical size (15 ft. diameter)

fiber glass re-enforced spray cement for walls, slip fit inner concrete liners, form fitting foam.  Transfer excess water out to channels.  Think outside of the box.  Improvise!


Has anyone given a thought to boycotting Japanese imports, besides fish (duh) and fruit?  How about AUTOMOBILES.  Tepco is still running the show.  How many of their top executives, including their families are living outside of the country?  If they and the government can not make a concentrated effort to correct the problems and really improve the situation, force them to ask for help.  Lets all put the 2020 Summer Olympics on hold.   Where is the IAEA?  A Geiger counter attachment is available there for $65, that works with new I phones.  There are over 3000 in use now in Japan.


9-11-2014 is just days a way.  Homeland Security is now refusing to divulge the destinations of aliens shipped to different destinations around America… Talk to me people…  The Judicial Watch group posted a warning in reference to 9-11-14.  There is reason to believe there will be problems in the El Paso-Juarez area.   For some reason, I think the busy check points there will be a target, with four to six lanes of stopped and slow moving traffic.   For the women crossing the border, some could well be “black widows”.  Female extremists (terrorists).  But then, it could be the children, as we know a 6 year old can handle an AK-47, and the women can take over handling the drug traffic.  Women are being used increasingly by the cartels in that capacity. Homeland Security is mum.  Border patrols have been ordered to back off on the drug mules crossings… If a firefight would occur, it could spark an international incident.  What about the Mexican drone that crashed in a yard in El Paso?  The drone was confiscated from the local police,

then returned to Mexico that same day by other agencies..


WIPP…This information from,  The Department of Energy should be on top of this one.  Throw in the NRC, the Department of Defense and the Department of Waste Management.  The only place there is any activity is at the state level.  Location: Carlsbad, New Mexico USA, with additional dump sites as far away as North Texas.  Most waste coming from the Los Alamos Nuclear Facilities.  The under ground National Depository experienced a fire and ruptured drums in February or March caused release of radiation.  Part of the problem may have been due to the change in the type of cat litter used to absorb liquid in the waste.  The plant was then closed, it is not known if it has reopened.  Records are wrong or missing concerning mislabeling of 80 some barrels.  Seals deteriorating, while others that were being stored above ground in the open sun, that now have been put in shelters at least.  State of NM cannot get information on radiation type or amount of leakage.  Radiation is being vented thru exhausts from under ground.


And the good news, you can still get up on Sunday and go to church.  In God We Trust.

TRK     Founder AAMO

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