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Not a Quick Fix…

Not A Quick Fix… 8 31 2014


Its OK to think big on this one guys!  Put aside the profit side this situation, lets get down to the real problem.  There is no guidance from the other side so lets make some ground rules.  Fukushima.  Rule out the IAEA, the Japanese government, the NRC, and the others that make up the powers that be.  No way, by edict, decree, or rule of law shall the world be threatened, unabated, by the inability, ineptness, or lack of compassion for their own citizens, for this catastrophe to continue unabated.


This is a One World problem.  Three years, on the job.  The frozen containment wells have not proven effective.  The work has been stopped.  Many parts of the clean up has been problematic at best.  Between fires, additional earthquakes, structural collapse, as well as ongoing situations of “criticality”, with only partial structural enclosure the world continues to receive unbelievable doses of radiation thru the air, as well as the unchecked continued contamination of the Pacific Ocean, from runoff of well over 400 tons of contaminated water daily for the past three years.


The Ocean will dilute it.  Come on.  That one would have worked when it was 2800 barrels off Omaha Beach in the English Channel in the 60s. Tell me another one.  Of the major components, the least of which have a half-life of twenty eight years, the rest go from hundreds of years to thousands of years.  There are no gamma sponges to use.  Mr. Clean won’t get the job done.  Bounty isn’t the “Quicker picker upper.”  Don’t blow me off.  This is a tuff nut to crack.  It’s time to get down to business and “talk turkey”.  We, the United States, are in this up to our eye balls.  GE has a very big seat at the table.  They have been there for the profit.  They are there for the blame.


The MOX fuel that has been provided by England, at best is questionable.   Don’t ask for details.  Some had been on the shelf for at least 10 years before being transferred to Daiichi and installed.  And on it goes.  With two of the reactors unaccounted for, plutonium rods scattered about, with reports of them being projected into the ocean like mortars, during the explosions, cracks in the containment areas from earth quakes, two tunnels, forty feet below sea level, containing 10,00 tons of water, and being the place where the plutonium is in melt down.  Estimated amount?  Three hundred tons.  That includes the rods of “spent fuel” that makes good firewood too.


In my opinion, its time to call out “The SeaBees, The DevilDogs, Our Roughnecks and throw in the Steel Walkers.  We have already had 77,000 Americans that have been put in harms way, by just showing up to be friendly three years ago.  Japan has used up 33,000 workers already, have accumulated at least 10,000 lost lives, and Tepco, and their government have lied to the public from the “get go.”   What good will it do to make a fuss?   Ask my dumb ass again, five years from now.  It is expected to take 42 years, by their projection to clean this mess up.  The Pacific Ocean is at stake, first of all.  NOW!





I was not a very skilled sailor while in the Navy.  I was in Intelligence and had shore duty.  Two things I do know.  The importance of the “North Star”, and that the “Seven Seas” of the world are all connected.  For “Christ’s Sake”.  I can give you a strategy.

Let’s throw this against the wall and see if it sticks.  How about calling this the Fukushima Project.  Not to be confused with the “Manhattan Project”.  That came in at about one billion dollars in 1940s money.  Would having earth inhabitable be worth a trillion dollars in today’s money?   The wells on the high side of the plant are inadequate.  Ground water is the major problem.  The amount of artesian activity is unknown.  Water layers and mountain run off have to be diverted by channels.  If necessary, cut all the way to bed rock, in the shape of a “rainbow” at a minimum distance of 1 mile out from the plant, and one at 2 miles if necessary.  Pumper wells can be installed closer if necessary.


At least humans can work at possible survival levels there.  It has been proven that beryllium has a melting temperature of 5ooo degrees.  It can be used to dampen or control a nuclear melt down.  Before that, after controlling the water flow, seal the area inside the break water, from the ocean.  Proceed to fill it with kitty litter like the NRC has done so effectively at WIPP in Carlsbad, New Mexico. USA   Isn’t it amazing… less than 100 miles from the head waters of the El Paso River.  Guess what the Columbia River runs close to in Washington state?   It is in the same general area of 160 wineries.  Oh well, that is another story too.


Absorb what waste water that can be controlled.  With hundreds of storage tanks already, full to the brim and leaking, water is a major problem.  Back to beryllium.  Use some bunker busters to break down the tunnels under ground,  also carrying large amounts of beryllium to help control the melt down in progress, preferably implosion type bombs.  Using mobile motorized drilling rigs, drill enough wells below that level then, using fracking techniques and pump cement slurry at extreme high pressure. (You don’t think I don’t understand what I’m asking do you?)  Getting the surface water under control, the contaminated waters for cooling purposes that could be filtered and recircleulated as they are attempting to do now, only on a much larger scale.  Isolate the Ocean, minimize the water flow, and contain the air borne radiation with an enclosure or money will soon have no meaning.


You are not laughing at me.  The answer everyone is looking for is not “death”.  You brains thunk this up… now clean it up, or we will take your toys away.  Don’t look down on me with you superior intellect and vast knowledge , at least till we get this job done.  Savvy?


Shoot holes in everything I have said, but never the less and just the same, its a problem!

I saw two young men wearing toboggans today, and its August in Alabama.  What do they know about fall out from the sky.  Talk to some of the help at Hanford, Washington.

I like eggs “Sunny Side Up.”  May God have mercy on us.         TRK

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