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About Ferguson

About Ferguson, Mo.  I have stayed away from the subject and event for various reasons.

Now that a pep or two about what transpired at the patrol car of Office Wilson has seeped out I will comment.  Forget the struggle over his gun and the possible shot fired in his car.. Forget that.  What happened before.  Let’s look at what transpired just before that.  His being shoved back into the car and then the ensuing altercation occurred, which included his eye socket be fractured at the time.


Forget the subject running away.  Chiding the office, then charging him.  Forget this too.

Look at shot pattern pointed out by the various reports.  My conclusions, include my beliefs that the officers left eye socket was on the side of his face closest to the offender.  (If he was beating the office, he was an offender) Fact.  Say he was trained as a right hand shooter, and used the standard 2 hand, both eyes open, firing position,  by this time swelling would have begun to set in plus, shock along with the adrenalin rush.  Still maintaining his first shots were consistent with wounding to immobilize.  The only thing I would say, is, with the consistence of shots to the right side of his body,  this could have been caused by his impaired vision in his left eye, unless those shots were acquired by his training.


If Mr. Brown was approaching the officer, in a bull rush manner, as has been said, a hate

filled person or (policeman) would have dropped him with a kill shot to the heart, first shot.  So, as that did not happen he should have considered himself a lucky boy.  (his age made him a boy).  There were 5 more chances to change his mind.  The office changed his mind for him, as he was still coming at him at his feet.

I am looking for stand up Americans.  Learn our language, obey our laws, or get out of our country.  We have many levels of problems.  I am compassionate, and truly have feelings for the parents.  My son died at the age of 17.  No gun involved.  Still never the less, he has been dead the rest of my life.  Its not fair.  That, I understand.


I have not one ounce of respect for any reporter on the scene.  They have contributed on a daily basis to the problem.  As for the astute observation, “This looks like a war zone”,

Where are the bodies?  The LA riots were the devils play ground….  This will not happen across this country again, not over just playing the “Black” card.  Last night “Stand Up Americans” moved to the front.  I talked with a work release man the other day.  He has

3 months of a 10 year sentence to serve yet.  I congratulated him, and reminded him to keep his nose clean and to remember he is an “American.”  He said, I will, and stated he has “been helped by so many people along the way”.  He shook my hand 3 times before I

left his company.  I know truth, and I know respect.


If every veteran that has served this country faithfully (BLACK or WHITE) were to receive 2 votes, the likes of the looters, trouble makers, and rioters along with the trash in Washington that empowers what they are about, would be voted “Off the Island”.  Can you understand that?  You are going to hear more and more from the “STAND UP AMERICANS.”  I know you don’t give a damn, but we have a “ONE WORLD” problem, and this is as much of my time as you get.  May God have mercy on you.              TRK

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