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They Are Our Children



The Vice President informed the world of OUR responsibility concerning the handling of all the children streaming across our border.  The claim that they are our children boggles the mind.  Mr. Biden, considering your lofty position, and your access to our deep pockets, I can at least understand where your benevolence is coming from.  From my standpoint, let’s look at some present day reality, concerning OUR CHILDREN.  In view of the fact that the government of Japan has clamped a press black out and the suppression of news concerning the Fukushima-Diachi nuclear disaster, we need to talk..


OUR CHILDREN and their spouses and children are in danger, just being anywhere on the main island of Japan.  Oh you say no one in Washington knows anything about it.  It happened 3-11, of 2011.  The first encounter with it was during “Operation Helping Hand”.  The time just after the sunami, during the original explosions and melt down.  We have between 1/3 and ½ of the 5000 man crew of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Regan that is effected with radiation poisoning.  The ship was not allowed in at least 3 world ports because of its condition. Check with the VA on the latest status of these servicemen.


More some smoke and mirrors!  The country of Japan (3 years into the problem) have 4 or 5 pieces of robotic construction equipment on site.  Continuing leaks and explosions have occurred.  The largest this year was an explosion and fire under Reactor 4 in February.  More serious activity was recorded around July 2014. About that time typhoon Heoguri (raccoon dog) in Korean, crossed the country from south to north, crossing directly over Fukushima with 45 ft sea waves, about 100 mile per hour winds and torrential rains.  Those particals assecended into the jet stream, and courtesy of the “Pineapple Express”, made their way to our upper Midwest and pelted us with up to 18 different isotopes of radiation.  Tell your boss the 2, 20 or 200 million dollars they are spending on finding mites in our bees is a small problem.  Ask the Polish what the effect was on their bee population after Chernobyl.


Back to OUR CHILDREN, and THEIR CHILDREN.  Whether it is political correctness or just stupidity, the cover up is just going to keep killing innocents people.  OURS and theirs.  Get every American associated with the military, their dependants, and government officials off that island.  The 5 government agencies (nuclear) of the US, don’t have any comment, the United Nation reports its business as usual, and Japan has a black out going on, by decree.  They don’t know where 2 of the reactors are, they are currently experiencing  “CRITCIALITY”.  It means melt down…Not good!  The World nuclear community, needs to rise to the occasion, or are you the ones putting out the propaganda that the answer everyone is looking for is death?


Before I wrap this up I must say for 3 years now, 400 tons of radiated water has been being poured in to the Pacific Ocean.  The ocean that comes to Alaska, Canada, Washington, Oregon, California and yes even Mexico.  Nancy Polosi, open your ear, eyes, mind and be still.  You people make up the front promoting the “Federalist” state concept.  You are as effective as the “Federalles”.   Mexico North.  That is another story for another day.  Priorities Honey.  The Pacific Ocean could be your only source of water in 5 more years.  In 5 more years that water will glow in the DARK.  Get the picture?   The cost of the lies and blind eye turned isn’t worth the crumbs being scrapped away.  An information revelation is already under way.  How many people are going to have to be buried face down to get our country back?


Germany has already started to dismantle their reactors.  Russia is working on 2 new generations to replace all the Chernobyl type reactors.  Thorium reactors, that can be controlled are being designed.  You are seeing the death of the Pacific Ocean start to unfold.  What price must the world pay for GE and Tepco?  Or is it that the war over the automotive industry has escalated that much?  Throw me a bone here.  Which is it. “You’re setting on your hands”, or “Your heads are out of sight.”      TRK

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