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US Jobs



I would like to greet you with a cheerful and encouraging note, but on the subject of jobs, that is a hard sell at this time.   There are some signs of new strength in the housing market, with pockets of new construction as well.  With 20 million recalls in the auto sector, parts manufacturing and service is seeing a rise in activity.  The extra amount of

communications required, rescheduling, disruption of family events and activities, along with lost hours on current jobs and disruption of normal production flow,  this is a continuation of the downward spiral of meaningful commerce and production.


With the black teenagers at a 15.5% unemployment rate there is an unanswered call for more jobs.  There are many areas where white teens are in the 10+% rate as well.  Entry level employment is in the throws of chaos because of two main factors.  Shortened hours to skirt healthcare difficulties, and major escalation of minimum wages in various parts of the country.  These factors plus the slowing of cash flow in the economy is stagnating employment in many areas.


The main hope is for jobs in the petroleum sector. There is hope at least in parts of the country for the young, robust and healthy people, and mostly men. The oil fields are running full tilt from Texas, to California, Colorado, Montana and N. Dakota in the western states.  Ohio, Pennsylvania and W. Virginia in the east.  Both coasts of Canada are likely sources for on going work.  Also, Alaska is gearing up for a new gas pipeline that will be helpful.  They are taking local help for jobs first, then supplementing with outsiders.  The edge goes to veterans in this field because of physical training and their ability to relocate.


Several trillion dollars are setting off shores, profits made outside the Continental US

is still waiting for more favorable tax conditions to be put into play.  We are hearing of more companies that are going ahead and building in other companies.  The continuing growth of government departments is eroding the base of potential production based employment.  During the Washington shutdown, as little as 18% of the people from different agencies were roughly all that was need to keep them running.


Job training programs are the long term answer.  Many high schools are developing an on going curriculum around vocational training.  That is not providing jobs today.  Congress

and the administration have had the opportunity over the past 6 years to make things of a positive nature happen.  Automation and now the onset of robots in manufacturing and warehousing causes the pressure to continue to mount.  Working jobs are not being created for man today in the electronics age, as was the case during the growth period of the industrial age of American commerce.


These are no good answers for everyone.  The education system ( higher particularly) needs to be totally revamped.  The only thing that is going to come easy is nothing.  Today those who have, need to reach out with encouragement and a helping hand were ever possible.                                                                                                        TRK


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