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Stand by your man


“Stand by your man”.  Guess what… we might as well throw that out with the bath water.

At least when it comes to the United States, in relationship with the Organization of

American States.  Over 130 years it has been started, stopped and been changed by name

several times.  Currently it has 35 signatories, with another 65 countries listening in on the party line.  There is a top dog, followed by 6 lower top dogs heading all the divisions.

I looked over the 2012 budget, and came to the conclusion that the $250,000 a year salary for the Secretary General was in line with other governmental positions.


Its headquarters are in Washington D.C.  Upon looking at the pie in the sky, it appears that virtually two thirds of the budget is made up of salary requirements of the staff.  They only meet once a year, somewhere in the western hemisphere.  The Secretary General flies first class only.  All others, are relegated to economy class travel.  Next, we find a yearly scholarship program, which is a major expense and I think it comes out of the budget as well.  That money could build schools in a number of countries.  Those three items make up the majority of the budget.


The only definite thing about the organization that is profound happens to be, in the event of a hunta, coup de ta or an over throw of a government, they are required to meet within three days to determine if those involved need to be kicked out.  This hopefully is  done by teleconference.  They have by laws, non-tariff agreements, aid programs, human rights guide lines, as well as economic development programs.  Oh yes, also an on going effort to rid the hemisphere, from the scourge of drug trafficking and governmental corruption.  One meeting a year will keep the lid on that pot for sure!


Mr. Oblama met with representatives from Honduras, Guatemala and Equador last week in Washington D.C.  Now is the time to roll more money out. Shouldn’t we export more than hardened criminals from Los Angles back to their own countries?   How about new strains of pine trees that will grow in the jungles, so that they will have wood to build homes.  Mills to produce Portland cement. Have they no natural resources besides mud and coral?  With 48 Million Americans on food stamps, we do not need more mouths to feed.


Folks… we “are being taken for another ride.”  OAS, read my lips, OAS.  Don’t forget it.

OAS.  Lets be fare to all involved.  One course of action would be to declare Martial Law over Mexico and Central America, then very quietly bulldoze Columbia to soccer field grade.  What a great opportunity for sod growers and labors, great investments for Brazil who has so much experience at building soccer fields, and an overwhelming market for beer and soft drinks.  Lest we forget uniforms, T shirts and flags as well.


Something has to change.  The best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your arm.  It’s the same “the world round”.  Who was the jerk that came up with we searched “to the four corners of the earth”?  I think that is one of our other major problems.  More smoke and mirrors.  Hug your kids tonight and keep on “keeping on.”


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