America and Me
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3 Presidents

Its time to reacquaint the public with the idea of how responsible government and its leaders deal with problems that relate to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, for the citizens of our country.  We have a serious recession continuing, ten years worth of veterans trying desperately to reestablish their lives, a Veterans Hospital debackle,  the general health care system in shambles, a runaway border problem, and a Congress destined to continue on their destructive path of political ineptness.  Respected and revered Presidents in the past have risen to address the problems facing our country.  I expect no less today.  The generation that faced the problems of WWII was for its time the greatest generation.  I am telling you here and now,  that the “Greatest Generation” of America better still be ahead of us, if we are to survive as a nation.  Keep the faith, open your eyes and your mind.


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