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Yes. It’s Happening

Yes, It is Happening, or It Should Have Happened!

It is time to just “be prepared”, because there is more to come. If you don’t understand what I’m saying in two or three lines, there is no reason to waste a page on it. I will just let you go back to sleep.

The US Navy should have had hands on with the New Horizon well site fire. One or two aircraft carrier tenders could have supplied enough fire suppressants to put out the fire the first day. We have not let many carriers sink because of fires caused by jet fuel and igniting bombs. Using three tugs, to put salt water on the fire for over two and a half days is what sunk the rig. It could have been flown in by seaplane if not by ship. They knew what they were doing. Beryllium lined shape charges could have collapsed the pipes with the oil flow contained in them also. Has everybody thrown out all of the Popular Mechanics? It’s just common sense and another product taken off the market.

The three Admirals that showed up on Capital Hill, that we don’t know about testifying. Look up “6th Fleet” under Wikipedia. The deterrent and response power it possesses.  The AfriCom General in Europe, in command of 180 troops over Africa at the time, was a good cover for what went on. Thirteen living witnesses that have not given testimony is unfathomable. You go ahead and kiss up to Hillary. Besides the death of our people, there was the looting of Libya. Later the US gave up 300 HumVee type vehicles used for training the Libyan troops when the program got swept off the table. Now the towel heads have something better than Toyotas to work with.

The investments of ten billion dollars by American oil interests in the Caspian Sea has some bearing on Russia’s play in Europe and the Black Sea. Tell me about the “Blue Streak” dual 36’’ pipelines that shows up in Turkey, that was shut down after a year because Turkey couldn’t afford that much oil. Setting idle I don’t think so. It could be pumping out oil from US interests in Russia. Europe can be getting natural gas from the 3rd largest field in Europe. Under Romania. You don’t want answers that work!

Obama is not a patsy or a scapegoat. He is a CIA tool. Things have gotten out of hand. Like Pakistan is our second largest nuclear problem, Russia is the first in that area. But our own people are the biggest problem. The CIA has gone domestic. With over twenty Muslim Mosques in Houston, it should be our first designated site for wide scale terrorism on the continent. Ask a fireman about “flash point”. Did you know about the 4-5 Billion refitting of the Houston Harbor in preparation of the completion of the new Panama Canal next year? There is a new electronic process to break down the viscosity of the Canadian Tar Sand product? Get over the thought that what’s going on in America is just a long string of bad mistakes.

Edward Snowden is a tool. Any news item the last two months is just “smoke and mirrors” for what is already going on, on another stage. Beware of the United Nations Bill about small hand guns before the US Congress. Any country that ratifies that bill will be under their control on the issue the next time around. You can put the United Nations and Homeland Security in the same pot. A presidential decree will put the keys to our National Guard Armories in the hand of Homeland Security in the event of a national disaster. I’ll try to mention “MinuteMen United” the next time around.

Any NATO country that is building armament for communist block countries is, in my opinion, aiding the enemy. France has a 1.2 billion dollar contract with Russia. They are currently building two helicopter based ships for deployment. But then the US is buying over one billion dollars worth of M-17 helicopters for Afghanistan. It all runs together when it’s put in the pot with the lights all out. The shadow knows!

Don’t tell me that war is just a game of “tag”. Beware, the “Military Complex”. It is prepared to survive intact, at any cost. Iraq was one of our better wars of late. Over one hundred billion dollars have been withheld from their oil revenue, for payment of debts to the US from our involvement in the war to free them from themselves.

Unbeknown to most, all of this is being kept track of by God. The “Sands of Time”, is
currently what is happening in “Silicon Valley”, and its equivalent groups in the world. Technology has surpassed the capability of man to handle its consequences. There are at least three fields that this problem is at a critical mass situation.

The drug problems in Mexico are no less prevalent than in the last six years. The press has been eradicated. No news is good news… Right? Most Mexicans arriving now in the US are happy to not be buried in a barrel of sulfuric acid back home. I think the Eagle in the Mexican flag is moving the rattler to it’s next victim. Call reality what it is. Even if it is only symbolism.

The east coast drug market is pretty well being covered by the five billion dollar
investment in Haiti and Jamaica. The route could be called the “Orange Blossom Special” if it was for a train. (Pick a government agency) that patrols the Floridia Turnpike to make sure only the right drugs get through. And yes a good bit is still coming thru Canada. “You’ll get your country back when we’re through with it”. Is it them talking to us, or us still talking to the Indians? I have seen the Eagle shed a tear as well.

You know God is doing more than just watching. With all the letters of the alphabet, and the numbers as well, formed in the designs of the wing of butterflies, you must agree that a higher calling than man has shaped and fashioned our destiny. Yes.. I am an old man. Not over educated. Far from wealthy. But I truly know the meaning of love. God has so much of it to share with all of us.

On one other event. The mystery of flight MH370. I feel the two unseen but obvious clues provided by the pilot could shed some light on the entire situation. One photo has him wearing a “democracy” tee shirt. Another photo had him wearing a tee shirt with a submarine on the front. You don’t need a Ouija board to see those identity crumbs from the perpetrators. There is always a signature on any event.

Say country X has deployed the new fleet of ballistic submarines in the Antarctic, and along with their super torpedoes, is the newest generation of ballistic missiles. Tipped with nuclear anti matter fusion able material; No explosion. It creates a black hole. Ergo, no debris. Who can deny, it’s less messy than conventional war. And at such a perfect location in the world.. I could be wrong… I could be right. Why were all five of the American Atomic Carriers in port at one time in the last 2 months? What if Russia has gone underground the last 10 years, and relocated their weapons development assets, like, after Hitler’s “Barbarossa” campaign in WW2?

Beryllium is not a new element on the atomic scale. Germany worked with it on the “Bell” project during WW2. Beryllium pellets mixed in U-235 rods can control run-a-way meltdowns from exposed U-235 cores. It has a melting temperature of over 4000 degrees and can help control melt downs. Just like the Ford Pinot. It’s designed with seat belts, air bags and a gas tank bladder, at a cost of $2.00 and change. Let’s hope the bean counters are put on a shorter leash in nuclear power. U235 alone need not be the fuel of the future. Expediency is going to kill all of us. Is death the last answer humankind is looking for?

There so many more hummingbirds in the world than us old buzzards, you should not have any problems forgetting my words. Just do not keep waiting for answers you want to hear, and have to replace them with tears.

At no time should you fell committed to believe any notion I have. Being right has nothing to do with our world or society today. If I have struck a nerve, in at least one subject, a night with no sleep has been worth it. May God protect and guide you. TRK

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