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Recap- Winter of 2013-2014

Over the last four months I have been devoting most of my working hours to the local Boy Scouts and their problems.  I have been able to regain my strength and enjoy the outdoors, weather and all here in Lower Alabama.  Having taken on this project has been time consuming and exhausting.  I spend about as much time leaning on the shovel, as using it.  I’ve put up some suit cages, and get to enjoy the song birds.  Found out from a Master Gardener I can plant a “Butterfly Garden”.  And about like clock work, I can look up and see a Buzzard lazily flying over, look for his next meal every day.  I have left behind some of the day to day problems that “America and Me” face.  I have not deserted it, but am more intent on reviving myself, so as to have the heart to face the ever present apathy, unconcern and in some cases sheer contempt for what our principals should be.

It’s not that I don’t care anymore or even enough.  “Preaching to the choir” doesn’t do it, “whistlin’ in the wind” is a waste and “talking thru my hat” doesn’t get me any where.  Its been said I’m not smart enough, but not knowing how it was being applied I have been able to continue in spite of that daunting fact.  Knowledge with out action is wasted. My old buddy, “Al” said “Imagination is worth more than Knowledge”.  Guess what, just imagine what it could be like if everyone in our country gave a damn about what’s going on?

Don’t give me that crap that you can’t make a difference.  Try telling it to someone who will listen to your lame ass excuse for being a looser.  Everyday I reaffirm my belief that a 2nd vote should be given to each Veteran, They have earned the knowledge of what freedom is and what stands for. I am even sure they can even spell the word.  There is some spirit being shown in the east.  But as it still stands, we would be better off to bull doze Washington in the Atlantic, and build a new capitol where East St. Louis used to be.

I  ask the question “How many lawyers do it take to ruin a country?”  Two thirds of all the lawyers in the world reside in the United States.  Computers are hoping to make it a paperless world we live in.  Guess what… our freedom and rights are being written away everyday, just the same.  You may think I’m not smart enough, but I am sure you don’t want to know more about what I’m thinking.

God mentioned a few weeks ago, “Nudge them a little more”.  This is an opportunity to share with you some unfolding events that need to be seen in some brighter light.  Some what in order we have the contamination of the North Pacific Ocean, The Tsunami in Japan, followed by the continuing nuclear contamination of the Pacific.  God is not punishing us.  He is letting us see how poorly we are being stewards of his creation.

As for the slaughter of his children in Mexico, close to 150 thousand people in the last 10 years, with no bodies at times to litter the ground because of being dissolved in acid. Pagan heathens at best, with a 400 year history, of  no more than tyranny, poverty, and revolt and with a religious base destined to give their solvency away, and you have already given them the keys to our “kingdom”.  America will deserve what she gets at this rate.  The point being,  when the floods came from out of the south and washed man off the mountains in Colorado, that water was the tears God shed for what is happening in Mexico.  Forget reading between the lines.  Next for no reason, ill winds blow, and the “salt of the earth” people on the islands of Guam were decimated.  It was only another warning.

Now as the ”Pineapple Express” has been prevalent this winter, God is not punishing 100’s of millions of people in the United States.  He is warning us of the deadly consequences of the “white powder” in our culture and daily living.  And by the way, you are not hearing about the radiation emptying on a continuing basis into the ocean from the Japanese nuclear plant, that is now becoming a part of the air stream.  You probably won’t notice it till we start having Cyclops babies like in Russia.  One of the largest lakes in the world has turned into a dust bowl from atomic waste.  Drop dead Putin.

And thank you the Atomic Energy Department and the Defense Department for your effort to help destroy our worldly shield by giving us “Starfish Prime” in 1968.  The detonation of a hydrogen bomb 445 miles in space, just to see if the Van Allen belt magnets could be moved in space.  Maybe we should be less worried about “pink slime” and organically engineered seeds.  Oil is another damnation this “damn nation” is being hood winked by.  The Black Death was the plague.  The Black Death of the modern economic system is oil.  The current situation is more dangerous to man than fire as it is currently being manipulated.

The EPA, another tentacle of our Mega Government is possibly 10 % needed, 90 % fraud and waste.  Require all airlines to produce the jet fuel from their company owned refinery.  Production overage can be sold to the military, on the open market at a competitive price.  Drop the chemical additives, seasonal mixtures, and gasoline cracking by producing methanol fuel in 2 step refineries that is rated at 102 Octane natural gas, twice as clean as gasoline, improves mileage, doesn’t require additives and frees up corn, soybeans, sugar cane, as well as sugar beets for food stuffs.  Ethanol is not a quick fix for any of the above problems.

“Didn’t they ever teach you to keep your mouth shut and take care of your self?”  At over 75 years of age that kind of question is wasted on me.  I’m physically sound for the shape I’m in and I would say my mind has been blessed over the years.  I’m not buying what’s being peddled these days.  Now do you understand why I like to lean on my shovel handle and visit with God about the condition of his creation?   Say a prayer when you go to bed tonight.  If you don’t know any, try “Now I lay me down to sleep… I know your mother knew all the words… Work on it!  Do you think these words were wasted on mothers?  The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.  Last year I was told by a 12 year old girl, “You are the first man, after all us women.”


Tex Kline

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