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US Corruption, Al Qaeda, and the Middle East

Yes sir… the cream keeps risin to the top!   It’s called WHITE lies!  Show me a country that will put up with anything the machine will put out, and I will give you a mess that can continue to be compounded daily at an unquenchable rate.  Who are the major players:

You can’t have a game with out major players.

IN Government                                            Out of Government

CONGRESS                                                   The Mafia

LOBBISTS                                                     The Mexican Cartels

Justice Dept                                                   Al Qaeda

The EPA                                                         Homeland Security

The Energy Dept                                           The State Department

The CIA                                                          Chinese Trade

The Military Complex                                   The Good Ole Boys

Bought and paid for Unions                           The US Postal Service

Homeland Security                                         The CIA

The Press (controlled by Zionists?)              NSA

The Press (controlled by the govt)               Any American Farm Org

The Presidential Press Secretary                  Wall Street

The State Department                                     The League of Billionaires

Nuclear Waste Program                                   Pick a Church

International Monetary Fund                         The United Nations

World Bank                                                        Rogue Governments

This gives us enough players to get us started.  Please note some appear on both lists and these may just be the direct ties.  Covert Ops will influence some of the lines draw in the sand.

A message to Al Qaeda:  Now you have the Yankees scared and the Middle East shut down, where are all the SA-7 rockets from Libya (still buried in the sand from 5 years ago?)  Just go plane crazy. You could get our meddling operatives out of your territory for good with your “Summer of 13 Extravaganza”.   Load up as many leaky tubs as you can find, fill them with what ever goes boom.  Put at least 10 tankers to the bottom in the Bosporus, the Suez canal, and the Straits of Hormuz.  Obama wants you to lay down and give us a free ride while he’s throwing his shoes over your heads.  All we have left are crack heads, runaway dads, gays, drunks, mama makers, and so many worthy criminal brothers that want a fresh start.  You can have Africa and the Middle East to yourselves.

You Da Man.  Weaky Leak and the new Russian Putin move with new nuke subs in the South Pacific could be his cover for Pakistan.

May God have mercy on us.  No others will.



Tex R. Kline- Founder



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