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The Demise of USPS and Social Security

Aug 6th  Silverhill Calling…..

The Postman. It was just a movie…  I want to make so many quaint remarks… share views… re-write parts before it becomes our history.  The future of America is being written now! Yes Sir, when I grow up I want to be a cat wrangler.  I’m sure it will take a degree of some kind.  Which should I take “Political Science” or “Liberal Arts?”

The new Government Education Counselor suggested both degrees would be advantageous.  It would seem you need to be flexible and crafty with the critters.  There is definitely a science to the profession and to do the job properly you have to be aware of political correctness when entering into corralling this ongoing insurgency.  I know… You were with me until it turned into gibberish.

History is repeating itself as we read.   When Social Security started in the 1930’s, my Great grand parents, Ora and Frank Anderson were among those to receive it.  They lived in the Midwest.  There should be records that the government still has.  At any rate, they received it for several months, and it appeared according the neighbors and town’s people, they were spending lavish amounts on food and they were reported.  They were in their mid to late 80’s in 1945 when I was a child.  They had raised eight children.  It was at the end of the depression.  Till around 1960 or there about, people went home to their family on Sunday, or the weekend if they live 15 miles away and did not have a car.  At any rate their Social Security was taken from them.    End of story.  Times do change.

What I’m telling you is the truth as I know it.  If you want more truth and knowledge, it’s just like potatoes.  You have to dig for it.  And the fingerling sweet potatoes they leave in the field, well they are the best.  Boil a small pan full.  Cool and peal them, then mush them with a fork, add butter and brown sugar, or just butter and cover with some of moms white chicken gravy.  Great eatin, and that’s the truth.

So along came the 1980’s and the government had gotten pretty used to spending what it wanted to and so on.  Well, While the US had been rebuilding every country that went to war with us, our people were getting their handkerchiefs out to wipe their eyes and the politicians were gittin’ their billfolds out of the other pocket to have more money to spend… so to speak!

CONGRESS in their great and infinite wisdom, realized we’ve got this Social Security and other said funds (Ear Marked) that’s a term used by farmer and rancher, surely both dumber than dirt, to keep track of their live stock.  Do they call it live stock because you make a living from them? HUH!  Those funds had one purpose alone, to be multiplied over the years by wise investment to be used to pay out years into the future.  I think this story needs to be told about four different ways.  The general fund is what the government has to spend everyday until the next payday or when more money comes in.  If they don’t both happen at the right time, they didn’t have money…  Some of the good ole boys (usually the ones that had been around 30 or 40 years) said let’s put that money to use now, cause we’re plum broke, and those hicks will just keep sendin it in always.   (This part was mostly for the kids).    I guess I need to do better on the spelling with them.

(This part is mostly for the adults).  Remember kids are gullible. They’ll almost believe anything.  NOW for the hard sell.  I’m not putting labels on any one but, for 40 some years the Democrats had control of Congress. Be that as it may.  By the time it was stopped, the Government had bilked the Social Security Trust Fund of $2.5 Trillion Dollars.  Solid Green backs were re-placed with $2.5 Trillion Dollars of worthless Government Treasury Bonds.  This is Our Government at Work Folks.  Greed comes first… then maybe the truth seeps out.  YOU…being anyone under 50, have been sold out.  Get over it..  Ok…  Turn the other cheek.  Well it’s comin’… the Post Office is next.

I’m in favor of taking a new vote.  ALL of those in Congress that voted to raid the Social Security TRUST Fund, and remember “In God we trust”,  If those members who voted for this travesty of justice have since retired and died, have them exhumed, and re-buried face down.  Do it purely out of respect for what they have done to their country and the future generations.  For those that are still in office and presumably alive, that voted for it, have them stripped from office, and when they die bury them face down.  Does anybody get the picture of what is being done to our country?  Don’t talk to me about victim justice.  This would be as close as the country would get.

NOW… back to my original thought.  The Postman… just another movie, more age for the little mush heads.  I loved Uncle Remus, and my favorite book was “Little Black Sambo,” and all I remember was the lions ran around in the circle so fast they melted down into butter or honey.  I’m proud to say “Steppin Fetchin” was an Indiana boy, as well as Wes Montgomery, a very fine jazz guitarist.  I sculptured a bust of him and it probably would be worth something today if it could be found.  I asked my daughters this week to start calling me daddy.  They are around 50.  I think it’s about timing. By the way, the railroad air break was invented by a black man.  The first traffic light in Indianapolis was invented by a black man.  I think it’s worth knowing.

Congress, in their great and infinite wisdom, it is their turn to repeat history….  Now gather round chillin…This is about the Post Office.  We’ll start at the kinda beginning, this is my story and I’m sure it’s closer to true than what they put in the history book. This is how the post office in the west began.  The mail was carried by hand across the country. It was not easy for the Pony Express riders or their horses.  Trips were up hill both ways every trip.  They would “ride like the wind”, if was a short distance, usually 15 to 20 miles (I guess) they could make it in a day.  If it was longer than that, he might tie on another horse to take along. Sometimes there were not (weigh) stations every so often, or it may have been burnt down by Injins.  When he rode the first one into the ground, he would change the saddle, shoot the other horse, and ride one.  Much like some would do to a good man today when he is down.  There were routes of over 700 miles or so, and they ran every couple of days.  Both ways.

The Indians, often nomads and bands of warriors, would at times kill the riders, and slaughter the horses to eat.  They all moved to France later.  By the way, the largest exporter of horse meat today in the world is Australia.  They export beef, mutton, and goat to the United States.  The majority of the horse meat (steaks) goes to France.  And occasionally some fast food stores “Over There”.  Hamburger’s got their name from the gentleman who invented them.  He lived in Hamburg, Germany. And just for giggles, the song “Over There” was written about our Yanks who went to help end one of the great patriotic wars.  The last line of the song went “And we won’t be back till the war is over, over there”.

Back to the Pony Express….. After about 6 months the women got tired of cooking to-go meals, so they shut down.  Actually it wasn’t making any money.  Plus a lot of horses were getting killed.  There’s more to the story than that.  People wrote on toilet paper (which had not been invented yet) as the postage was say 50 cents per ounce.  Today price maybe $25.00   Little Known Fact:  70 % of the people in the world have never seen toilet paper to this day.

Back on track now…  We’re talking about the mail.  Over 200 years ago the United States Postal Service was formed.  It has served us well all this time. (Please note) USPS will be what we call them from here on.  I KNOW YOU WEREN’T BORN JUST YESTERDAY…  “Rain, Sleet or Snow” and all that stuff.

Along Comes Congress, and “I’ll huff, and I’ll puff and I screw the whole damn thing up!”

I’ll give you some hints, but you’ve got to work for some of this.  No credit for this… you’ll just get smarter.  I used to write copy (ads) for old radio stations.  The number of dots and the distance to the next word and if it was capitalized all meant something to say a colleague, or a friend, someone you liked or worked with.  Kinda like being on the same wave length. Now I guess it’s if your brain pattern is in alignment.

Ok.  The USPS is not a department of the government.  It is like saying Washington D.C. is not a state.  That’s where it ends except for the fact that the fools screwing up the USPS are all in Washington D.C.

Enter in the modern age.  Technology….Changing trends in Society….An end of an Era. That’s Congress for “were going to screw this up, take care of ourselves, and put you on the skids.”  I think both parties are in up to their chins on this one too.

You can trust as much as you can read on the internet, posted by the Union or USPS itself.  You don’t have to trust Congress because they haven’t told you anything.  It is not just one or two things.  Lobbying, Unfair Business Ethics, Pension Funding,…..It goes On and On.

The one gripe I have with the USPS is the number of new stamps.  It’s not a small thing.  There is a new set of Forever flower stamps with about 20 in the set.  Start with an administrator, Project Supervisor,  Concept Designer, Artist Staff, Engravers, Equipment, and full compliment of Pressmen.  Packaging, Marketing people, Advertising Agency, Publicity Budget, and Shipping.  Let’s talk money!  There is another set out this week that is very nice.  The engraver program training is up to 7 years.  Are we talking $80,000 to $100,000 salaries per year per person.  FDR liked stamp collecting,

And Congress built new warehouses to put $2 Billion dollars worth of Presidential coins that are not in circulation and never will be.  A blind man is smarter than the jokers pulling these tricks out of their hats.  Make a coin 10 to 15% smaller than a half dollar.  A quarter is supposed to be the size of a quarter…. Do you get that?  A dollar is another SIZE.  Tell me I don’t have a degree.  Don’t talk to me about the big bucks.  Common sense speaks for itself.  Seventeen countries have stopped minting pennies.  Canada is the latest.  We are good at losing money while trying to make money.  Hell of a deal!

The Congress is requiring the USPS to pre fund their pension program to over 70 % in advance.  That is where the 5 Billion dollars of debt of operation began in 2008.  Since then they had over paid by 11.5 Billion dollars at one time.  Now they are 13.5 in arrears to Congress.

People Wake Up….  Shepard’s of America…. Our flock are the thieves.

I know you will not believe what I tell you… USPS can not bid on any government agency contracts because Congress makes them stick to fixed rates.  They are not a government Agency.  The American Replacement flags sent by the Veteran Administration are delivered to government offices (including the Post Offices) all over the country by UPS (United Parcel Service).  BROWN in other words. The USPS delivers 40 % of ALL of the MAIL IN THE WORLD.  The Post Office is prepared to layoff 100,000 union members.  Post Offices have been closed.  Let them operate like a private business.  If we do not do something soon, the USPS will be bankrupted, the Union contracts broken, and the $70 Billion in prepaid pension funds will be drained off in a very shabby cooperate take over.

As the Eagle is atop the flag pole so shall it rise above the abomination you call a government presently in control of this country.  The Committee with control over the United States Postal Service needs to be disbanded.  If “We the Sheeple” let the postal system fail from within, we deserve no better that what we get.

Read The Internet…  For God’s sake open your eyes.

America prepare yourself, for as sure as God is my witness, Congress- you are the people’s servant.  You do not want to know how cruel your Master can be.



Tex R. Kline- Founder


Foot note:  I have had 2 mild heart attacks in one week and severe angina the following week.  Next week I will have a stint replacement from my kidney and the next day minor surgery on my back.  I am up to 20 tablets a day for mostly heart problems, and I’m going in for more bladder cancer surgery in two weeks.  I have another set of articles written and will try to have them posted yet this week.  May God have mercy.

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