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Jobs for Americans

It seems we have a problem of jobs and people with out them.  Using a SHOVEL is honorable work where I came from.  Let’s look at it from this way.

Joseph Stalin wanted a canal dug across Northern Russia.  It took the lives of about 20 million prisoners and 8 to 10 years to complete.

We could recount the works of Hitler, and his countless endeavors during World War 2.

Here in America we just have an employment problem.  Since the politicians cannot get us past this problem, it may well be God is helping with a solution.  The West is very dry this year.  Pretty country, but every thing is burned to the ground.  How about we put a few million people on trains, send them out west. Some can plant trees.  Some can level land to farm or build new companies on, and even some dams.  A few roads may help too. On the way, plow up most of Detroit, and plant sugar beets.

They would Not be slaves, not be prisoners, not be people that are starved or executed.  We’re talking about Work for Some of our citizens that receive a living wage for doing nothing.  Head West… Make a new life for yourselves.  America has jobs for you.  Build new dikes along the major rivers.  Demand river rats move to higher ground, and quit flooding 100,000 of valuable crop land.  Build them new homes.  Why not?  It’s honest work.  As for Cario, Illinois – Blow the town, rebuild it on a hill.  Dredge the whole area, and build staging terminals, barge repair slips, and other floating terminals, in the water……Break water facilities.

There would be more jobs created buy selling shovels, boots and gloves than this country has seen in the last 5 years.  I’ve seen more visions while leaning on a shovel handle at the end of a day, than most people could ever dream of.

And for that fool in Washington that says a pipe line from Canada will only make 50 permanent jobs.  Well when he puffs his bottom lip out, it’s the smoke he’s blowin!  Don’t hold your breath on the “Black Muslims” doing your deeds.  White and Black, this country is going to be rebuilt.  Let’s just pass on the next war, and rebuild our country out in the desert.  It can happen.  “Bugsy Seigle” has a dream.  He wound up taking the taxi, but then not everyone in Vegas is a winner.

By the way, The House of Representatives have a chance.  It seems the politicians want to be their own investigative reporters.  The U.S. Senate is over due.  You’ve played your last card.  Tap dance if you have to, but get something done or there’s going to be hell to pay.

Tex Kline – Founder

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