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And What if ?

And what if ….Aug. 19, 2013


What do you think will happen if some fine morning God would decide it would be a good day for everyone to speak the same language?  Now that would be a fine howdy do!

Would you be prepared for it?  Oh yes…. To speak in tongues, all the same language and at the same time.

He is weighing decisions… The many incidents are just feelers.  As for the women reporters on TV who say “You may find this video disturbing”.  Go home and wash some dishes.  Be a mother to your children.

Egypt has seen God’s wrath many times.  Christian churches are being burned to the ground.  What would one say to lightning flowing from his fingers to reduce each Mosque to dust?  God is doing more than looking over our shoulders.

Grain prices increased in 2011, which hurt, but the fact Egypt is no longer an oil producer, the government cannot subsidize the food market, people cannot feed their families on $2.00 a day.  Meanwhile, the Nile is drying up and crops are very weak.

There are many forces at work, all centering on the shallowness of us as humans.  It’s about timed for those that create the lies to deal with the problems.  There is very little water in Egypt, less food, and an abundance of fools ready to destroy everything.

God will make you open your minds as people refuse to use their eyes.  He’s taking his time.

Find something to believe in.  This folly shall end.



Tex R. Kline – Founder








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