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2 Wars

June 15, 2013           War to the left of us and war to the right of us…. So to speak…

Syria has caught the attention of one Washington’s graduates… Bill Clinton thinks that Mr. Obama looks foolish for not doing anything. It was 2 years ago in March when the uprising started. I took a few months to become aware at it. The first thing I posted was about the fact that it is “A Long and Bloody Road Back from Tyranny.” There had been 8 – 9 thousand deaths at that time. Now, 2 years later, with a total of over 93,000 lost souls and over 1.7 million refugees, the fighting is spilling over into about 5 other countries. Hezbollah and Al Qaeda are both active at this point. Given these two non- existent groups are well entrenched now, just begs the U.S. to do a little to make the fight fair.

The exercises are over in Jordan, but the planes and batteries are going to stay on. The Patriot missiles are still in Turkey. The new President in Iran is unlikely to change their stance as long as Russia is ready to up the ante. The U.N. and Russia do not believe the red line concerning gas attacks has been crossed. Not having pictures of hundreds of people laying in photos, looking like bloated dead pigs, as when the Kurdish people were gassed by Hussein, they will stick to their story.

Meanwhile Putin, is in the process of deploying about 30 new (two classes) of nuclear submarines, probably some in the Mediterranean. It is questionable if the 6th fleet is still on station, will have ample fuel to maintain full sweep recon over that broad of an area, let alone have an excess of Sonar-buoys to plunk down for back-up. Most new subs are carrying anti-ballistic missiles guarding from South polar attacks and stationed in the Indian Ocean, the south Atlantic, as well as the south Pacific.

Mr. Obama stated recently at the appointment of Miss Rice to the post of National Security Adviser, that he had set in on hundreds of meeting with the current adviser she was replacing. While sounding impressive, the fact is he had only attended about 45% of the close to 2000 daily briefings in the last 5 years.

NSA is almost approaching Saint-hood in comparison to the CIA. Meanwhile, we have the billionaire who has the contract to provide Obama phones to the poor and down trodden. I do not know if he is one of the 2 billionaires in Mexico that control all the cell phones there or not. Wouldn’t it be a real kick if all of the throwaway phones being used have sensors built into them that would analyze sweat or saliva, and pull up a DNA ID? O boy, this could get interesting. Remember the NSA is part of the war on terrorism. Electronic warfare… Will it never end? We have at least 35 Muslim training camps here on U.S. soil. There is an Arabic name for “Muslims of America”. Hopefully the U.S. Marshal’s will look into it. Homeland Security is busy with other problems.

On another page…. The budget of the most proficient group at seizing drugs is being cut. Yes sir, the Coast Guard just 2 weeks ago seized 2 billion dollars of cocaine off the coast of Galapagos Island in the Pacific Ocean. Their untiring effort on either side of Mexico has been outstanding as well. How about figuring how to post a few thousand of the homeland security forces in the Gulf and along the California coast? Fit them with water wings, and rotate them every 2 weeks. And don’t forget the 4 Billion rounds of 40 Caliber Ammo (hollow point) they bought for practice. DHS has 22 different agencies under its umbrella. There is nothing under control with this government.

And now, for the war on the other side of us. I don’t know if it’s the left or right but here goes. Let’s set the stage. We put NAFTA in place to balance the table somewhat. Once the bubble burst here in the states (around 2008) the 4 to 5 Billion dollars being sent home to Mexico started to dry up. We had close to 20 Million people from that country here at that time. Well, that is down to 11 million now (plus or minus). By the way, to move to Mexico, if you are retired you have to prove you have at least a $1500 dollars income per month to live on, because you cannot be a burden on the government. If you are of working age, you must have a letter of appointment to a job in Mexico. A degree, and verification of the college or other facility you received it from. How about that?????

Changing the subject. Who knows for what real purpose, some  years ago it was decided that it was necessary to plan for the protection of the fertile plains of America. No, not Homeland Security. The Northern Command of the U.S. military.  NorthCom is the keeper of the gate keys unless the United Nations  get its roots dug in and gives it over to the DHS, who then would  control all of the National Guard Armories. NorthCom is set up in Colorado, with the task of keeping the country together during  floods, earthquakes, food famines, riots and other problems of  biblical proportions. I’m afraid they may be thinking of writing off  FEMA. Anyway, the problem comes from south of the border.

With the “posse comitatus” law being repealed and having the full  force of the Canadian Military to police America, the military can turn  their attention to the South. Yes, there has been war going on in  Mexico for the last 7 years at least. From the “Did You Know File”,  there have been between 50 and 70 thousand people murdered in  Mexico. It is estimated to be as high as 150 thousand. Even since  the new President took office in December deaths (murders) have  been taking place at the rate of 1000 people per month. The same  number as for the past 6 years under President Calderon. The Billion dollars he got from the U.S. (DEA) per year helped keep  things going. They have a population of 114 Million, plus our 11 Million refuges from the war. Over 43% of the country live in  poverty. Everything in the country is corrupt from the government, to the church.

The Texas border is almost controllable. It is private property up to the Rio Grande River. Arizona and New Mexico is mostly government land near or at the border. Human mules are moving a lot of the traffic still coming in. There are many towns in Mexico that  for generations that have been safe havens for human trafficking.  Don’t talk to me about how wrong I am about my logic. The picture  I’m painting would not be a Picasso.

War on the right… Syria: 2 years : 93,000 dead : 1.7 million  refugees

War on the left…. Mexico: 7 years: 150,000 dead: 11.4 million  refugees

Over 50 Newspaper Reporters and Correspondents killed in Mexico.  The press now prints what the cartels release to them. The next  time you go to grill a shiskabob at home, think about the Mexican’s being chopped-up and usually disposed of in boiling barrels of  sulfuric acid, or dumped en mass on the local highway.

Look for God to start making choices. It takes more than prayer to  mend ravaged souls.

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. The shadow  knows!                   Tex R. Kline

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