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Government Spending by taxpayers

What a blessing to have the freedom to go to church this morning.  One of the themes this morning was having enough believers.  Amazingly I find this same subject of importance to AmericaAndMe.Org.  One American at a time will not get the job done.  There is a link to the directory of Congress on our site.  We hope you will utilize it.  Meanwhile, have you heard the latest scoop concerning Mr. OBAMA’s trifecta?  Yes, I mean Benghazi, The Attorney General, and the IRS. 

“Camp Run-A-Muck” is open and ready to enjoy the entire summer. For a country struggling with expenses, a sense of direction and purpose, think about this. There are at least 5 active committees open today, with plans to run through the entire summer if needed.  If you have 10 House Members per committee, just a third of their staff in support of them  (approx 12 people each).  Building staff required to service the hearings, TV coverage for C Span services.  Then we have consultant lawyers for the Congressmen.  Say only 2 each.  Transcripts, copies, comments, and reports.  Congress is virtually at a stand still.  So the pork stays in Washington.

Now for the rest of the iceberg!  Are you aware that 65% of all the lawyers in the world live in America?   Well, how do we take care of as many of them as possible?  It all adds up.  This has all come about by bad or maybe just sloppy governing.  As any good hog farmer knows, you can only get so many hog to a trough.  When you slop the hogs they come a runnin.  And Washington is prepared to put out as many troughs as necessary.

Here is the rest of the iceberg.  First of all, there are the defendants, people of interest, Agency Heads, underlings, and other assorted misfits in the lime light. All are paid government employees. Of course, all are getting paid.  Most with assistants (also paid).   Cost for disruption or loss of continuity in their departments is un-estimated. Now for their councils, (at $400 to $600 per hour) paid by us or them.  We follow the witnesses as well.  Professional witnesses are paid.  Others only receive transportation and housing.  Hogs love everything from coal to sour butter milk and chicken internals as well.  OH yes.  The life of a lawyer in Washington.  The GOA will have somewhat of a handle on the cost of the committees hearings.  If they last, say till, Labor Day, it will be a good summer’s work for most involved. 

 I will be writing next about the U.S. Post Office.  FD Roosevelt did great things for the stamp collectors of the world.  Now, we need a new page in the album.  No more than 8 new stamps per year (total).  How many artists, photographers, engravers, setmen, and pressmen are there in the stamp producing department?   Many more people than in the engraving program at the US Mint!  With the average barber at the Capitol Hill Clip Shop making $81,000 per year, it’s understandable that the Barber Shop is in financial trouble.  They have a bank too.

The more I know, the more I believe, you are getting what you want and expect.  It is not beyond possible belief that your personal lives are a mirror image.


May God Have Mercy On Us, No Others Will.        Tex Kline  – Founder

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