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And on the other hand…

Let’s talk about some other problems.  Mr. Obama, in his calculating wisdom, shortly after being elected to his first term, required all casings (brass) of ammunition used by U.S. troops in training to be crushed and sold as scrap to the Chinese.  So what?  Many small businesses from coast to coast were the first to succumb to the “Obamanation” of our country.  Ammo manufacturers with as many as 400 employees have had to shut down.  Numerous companies went out of business.  This also started the drive up in the cost of ammunition.  Now components are in short supply.

In war and peacetime, arms and ammunition are manufactured in our country.  Recently, a 20 year manufacturing contract come up for renewal.  It was put up to bid.  The ammo had been produced by an American company over the last contract.  It seems it has been under bid or out bid by an English company named BAE.  Having foreigners making our ammo at best is very bad by my estimation.  They’ve since applied to be able to sell anything they produce to any country in the world.  Hopefully, after they fulfill their commitments to the U.S.  I know, you may read this.  You may not.  If it raises an eyebrow very good, if you raise a finger to look into it yourself, so much the better.  Remember, if you keep waiting for something to happen, it will.

We have since seen a large number of private weapons manufacturers bought up by a group named “The Freedom Group”.  An investment company owns them.  However, since the Newtown murders, pressure has been put on the holding company to divest them of the “Freedom Group”.  The Mayor of Chicago has loudly supported banking firms from providing loans to any gun manufactures.  Morally, Chicago stands in the shadow of Detroit, Michigan.

Now let’s look at Chicago.  Don’t tell me they don’t have a problem with politics and a life style based on the American way of life.  The Chicago Political Machine is alive and well.  Be it Black or White.  If the police will not respond this creates a problem.  If they have the strongest gun laws, and no firearms can be sold in Cook County something is amiss!  I lived in a ghetto that was patrolled at night by helicopters with search lights. Squad cars only came in pairs and then only in the day time.  This isn’t cheap talk.

This cannot be handled nicely.  Gather up all the lawyers representing drug dealers, drive by killers, robbers accused of homicides and require them to post at least a 1.5 Million dollar bond on each case they win.  It the event the person is again brought in for a similar case, forfeit the bond.  Upon finding the suspect guilty the second time,his first lawyer can share the sentence with the perpetrator and give the $1.5 Million to the court system.

There is no doubt that 90% of felonies in the area are committed by gang members or “want-a-be’s”.  Go into the GANG area, after putting up a 20 ft patrolled fence.  Bring in the fiercest of the fierce of “Homeland Security”.  Deal with the problem!   Death will be inevitable.  Recently a material witness was found the day before the court date with 26 bullet holes in him, in Chicago.  This isn’t the cream of the crop we’re dealing with.

How long do you think this will go on, before God takes a hand in it?

The rich want to leave now.  Give up their citizenship and all.  Has anyone thought of the poor and down trodden?  Maybe they want out too.  Since Carnival pays no taxes they owe us.  Any person wanting a free ticket to leave America could be processed out quarterly on a Carnival cruiser to the country of their choice.  So many people want us to be like where they came from.  Take sophistication, education, and skills back home and become a success in no time.  One free ticket from AMERICA.

No, I’m not mad.  Think about it again.  TRUTH IN GOVERNMENT.  IF every Department and Agency were to list a statement on their website home page, first list their total budget, the number of employees, full or part time, contractors and venders.  Followed by their total payroll, and lastly list what money is available for services to our citizens.  Don’t you know,  “GOVERNMENT IS BIG BUSINESS”.

Till the next time……. if there is one.

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