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Why the US isn’t as Fuel Efficient as it Should be

Energy Self Sufficient: (Thoughts of an old man)

What is “The 50 Year Plan (Plus)? China and Russian operate on 5 year plans in succession. The United States has a greater vision. Since about the time of the death of JFK, an interesting evolution has been in motion. We the “Sheepple” have been systematically sheared at a steady rate. Sometimes, adjusted upward during good times.

The EPA, a system designed to control improvements, impede improvements, and Gerrymandering portions of the 8 Petroleum Districts of American. The 8 Petroleum Districts of America was set up to provide and protects the flow and distribution of Strategic Fuels and crude oil in WW2. A product put in place by the EPA with the name of MTBE, an aerator to make gasoline burn cleaner over its life time, has managed to contaminate surface water and wells in many states.

Ethanol eliminated the use of MTBE finally. Though it is still being produced at refineries in the US where it is prohibited to be used and it is still being exported to 3rd world countries as an additive for use there.

With the aid and control by the government of elements of gasoline production in our country, plus letting our production drop to an un-acceptable level, were we able to justify the shift to Arabic oil? ($10 dollars a barrel was not acceptable). Supply and demand, you control the supply and the demand suffers price wise. On a 4 day transit across the Atlantic the contents of a tanker could be sold and bought 10 times or more. Wall Street has not always been a friend.

No new refineries have been built in the United States since the late 70’s. Over 85 have been closed. And now as the “dark curtain” looms over us, the major oil companies that own refineries want out of them, because there is no profit from operating them anymore! Is it possible that government regulations and taxes have eaten away all the profit, or have the companies strangled the life out of their own creations?

In 1980’s, “The Boys In Brazil” decided on ethanol, requiring additional pumps be put in use at all filling stations. GMC Brazil, was formed before WW2. Between GMC and Ford, they have been the power houses of the South American auto works. Brazil is 85% self-sufficient in fuel production through the use of ethanol and now are developing their off shore oil fields with the help of American oil companies, and some of the finest rigs the U.S. owns. And by the way, all of the vehicles, over 23 models, produced in the country are E85 compatible and have been since 2008. Best news of all. They are built at GM Brazils new 1.4 Billion dollar automated plant built just about two years ago, the rest are Ford products rolling off the lines at the plant listed as the “most modern in the world.” Brazil is now building 2 different 500 mile stretches of dedicated pipeline to move ethanol directly to distribution and to ports for export. That can’t be done in the USA, so we are told. Maybe a phone call or two would help.

Ethanol in America from corn, saw grass, and some other unlikely sources has hampered the efforts to move forward in this area. We are plagued with a litany of excuses of why we can’t do this or that. Lift the embargo on Cuba. Limit our trade to Agricultural Products. Buy their sugar; we are doing away with sugar cane production in America anyway…..Energy beets and sorghum are two great sources for ethanol. These products grow extremely well in extreme weather conditions. Double their output when irrigated, are very rich in sugar, process at less cost than corn, is readily available and saves a major step to produce and uses at least ¼ to ½ less water in processing. Corn is no longer the answer. WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH OF IT to feed people and animals alone.

South Africa is strong on Gas To Liquid (GTL) production. They had the help of German ingenuity in the production of oil and gasoline, in a round about way. It would seem Exxon (then Standard Oil) in the 1920’s assisted Germany with information on how to produce oil from coal. They also developed the process to convert coal and various feed stocks to oil by use of the Fischer Tropsch (FT). South Africa is one of the masters of this process. SASOL (South African Coal & Oil) is studying the feasibility of producing a GTL plant in Louisiana and Maine. There is also a MTL (Methanol to Liquid) process by Exxon Mobil. Primus of New Jersey is working to develop a drop-in type gasoline, rated at 93 octane. Their plant is being designed by Bechtel Hydrocarbon Solutions with construction to start in 2013.

Over 5 years ago Saudi Arabia offered to build a 2 Billion dollar refinery in the United States. To my surprise we had no takers… Would adequate production have messed things up, or would it have messed with the EPA’s plans for us?

As for advancements in auto fuel efficiency across America… The EPA is dribbling it out at a steady under rate. This past year… in Europe and the UK, German engineering has put multiple cars on the road, with 75 to 80 mpg ratings. (Not for sale in the USA) As for fuel for Europe, the burn off gas in the UK North Sea field (waste properly stored and collected) could be converted to methanol, by GTL (gas to liquid) and supply Europe with all of their need. With Iran boycotted, the fuel they are now receiving comes from Russia via two new pipelines recently laid across the Black Sea. Supplies received from Russia in the past has been turned off at the Russians whims on numerous occasions.

A 70-mile pipeline on the northern slope of Alaska could put an enormous amount of natural gas into play. We have the only liquidification plant in America located already in Alaska. The fracking process so successful in the Bakken field of North Dakota is yielding very large amounts of natural gas, as well as the Marcellus field in Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. There is also the rebirth of the Cline and Eagle Ford field in West Texas. Productive wells in states along the Gulf of Mexico, and those in the Gulf that produce gas have been capped over the course of 25 years.

The Canadian tar sand deposits seem most adapted to produce synthetic oil. Not getting further co-operation with the United States in several areas, they are assembling two new refineries made by Korea and built by China. China has already purchased Nexen Oil of Canada, for the astounding price of 15.1 Billion dollars. China also bought controlling interests in other fields in Canada. They recently bought the 2nd largest movie theatre chain in the United States (AMC), and recently purchased their first American bank.

Yes, we are in a big mess. However, God gave us Mexico so we can feel good about ourselves. Pemex came on the scene in the early 1930’s. Oil interests were nationalized. No outsiders could develop and financially gain from the birth right of Mexico. The world has passed them by. The major Gulf field is going dry. The government extracts 2/3 of their budget in taxes and profit from the oil fields. It is reported at least 2 Billion Dollars (American) is lost from Pemex yearly to graft and corruption. At least 1300 intrusions into the pipelines yearly has a high price tag as well. Truck tankers carrying stolen oil have been known to cross the border and sold their cargo to refineries in the states. Cartels prefer to tap gasoline pipelines. And so it goes.

None of this will you find in history books. Most people are to busy living life to even care. Why can’t I get ahead? What’s going on? You will not make a difference being a “SHEEPPLE”. At least try to learn where you are being led.

Tex R. Kline AmericaAndMe.Com

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