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The American People are Not Getting The Right Information.

Look a little further than just what you’re not being told:

It’s a beautiful world we live in. We are truly blessed. Now, let’s see what we can do about that. I heard a “Don’t worry about it… you can’t help any of us!” What a sad thought. And that came at a time when I was already discouraged. It happened just last week as a matter of fact. I intend to research the German economy in the early1920’s. History repeats itself. We are standing at the door of hyper inflation.

With the de-industrialization of our country during the 1990’s, we saw the collapse of many companies. The evaporation of jobs and then the growth of government services. What has become a walk, can soon become a crawl. Roughly 20 years of soft war has hardened us to the death and maiming. The only solace as to the cost of it all, is that the violence has stayed out of our country.

With the current rate of cocaine and heroin consumption in the United States it’s a wonder the banking system is still functioning. Being able to find traces of “nose candy” on every US note in circulation tells a story of its own. Fighting the Mexican Cartels with bean bags ( US border agent killed) War is not a game! Give me a break. Believe me, there was a reason for the need of of “Fast and Furious” by the Justice Department. (Really ATF)

So what are the facts? Some say the US has put almost a Trillion dollars into Mexico to fight the drug war in the last 6 years. Now after their election, the Cartels have Public Relations groups putting out press releases to the newspapers. They print them because they have had close to 50 reporters killed. The most recent, a US journalist student in Mexico for the summer.


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