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Donations to America and Me

America And Me is still in it’s infancy. We are growing as fast as possible. What will help us expand our coverage and services at this time is donations. If you feel we are on the right track and can provide a place for Americans to gather, voice opinions, and grow by knowing more of the real problems we are facing, we truly can use your support.

We want to make you feel a part of what we are about. First of all YOU, are the ME in America And Me. You have already moved beyond “What Can I Do?”

We are providing means for you to identify with America And Me when we receive your donation. This includes a lapel pin, ball point writing pin, identification card, and a certificate naming you as a contributor to our cause. We intend to have hats, Tee shirts, and coffee mugs available to purchase in the future. Watch us grow… and we hope you will grow with us.

Details are forthcoming on how to make contributions.

Very truly,
Tex R. Kline

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