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It’s a Long and Bloody Road Back from Tyranny

“It’s A Long and Bloody Road Back From Tyranny.” America – See what is playing out as a deadly scenario, at least somewhere else as of now, and has for the past 13 months…. We don’t know the details about all the players involved with the people’s movement, but it is a fact that the government, under a ruling dictator is doing what you see to the citizens of Syria. When your life is at stake and your hands are tied, though you may ask for the most honorable and holy help, you grasp whatever comes your way. In the past 2 months, since the UNITED NATIONS has begun to observe in Syria, 2000 more people have been killed. Concerns are that bad guys are getting involved with the movement. Russia and Iran are the two major backers of the Government, along with help from China as well. Know well that the UNITED NATIONS is drafting their world organization plans, which includes a hand over the United States. This isn’t a dream world. Not everyone gets a trophy for showing up. Don’t wait till you are fighting for your life with hoes, hammers and axes. By the way… that’s what the farmers in Mexico have today. Remember?… Just like in the movies. TRK

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