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American Made Toys

A new addition is coming to AmericaAndMe.Org. A Page from the PAST!

This is for Grandparents and Parents. Here’s a way to try to help America a little. We are going to supply you with one page directions to hand make simple toys. We hope they will be made, shared and enjoyed with Love.

Here’s The Other Reason.

92% of all Wal-Mart products are now being imported from China. They say some 50%
are made by American companies. All companies in China, are required to be partners
with the Chinese government. (If I’m wrong you will call me on the facts.)

Each VLCC (very large cargo container) ship like the Emma Maersk, now comes from China, in excess of 30 knots to reach America in only 3 days time, with the cargo of 1800 CARGO CONTAINERS per ship load. It is also equipped with 6 complete derricks to unload itself, therefore leaving harbor equipment to be used by the smaller ships in their fleet. (These include Suez size, Panam size, and smaller cargo vessels.)

This is a chance for America to help itself just a little. Just think. A chance to take some scrap wood, take an old man who is retired and looking for something to do, and make something free for someone he loves. JUST THINK OF IT!!!

Cheat the Arabs out of some Petrol dollars, beat the speculators down, Keep more plastic from winding up in the PACIFIC OCEAN, and slow China down from taking over the world production market.

Here are links to toy patterns and other useful things. P.S. Ask your Grandpa if he
ever had any LOVING toys made for him. I think he was a kid one time himself.


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