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Dear Americans…

Dear Americans…

There have been a number of set backs, delays as well as items to over come in building this website. The primary races have consumed the air waves.  Congress has had a free pass for the last four weeks.

There are other pressing problems.  There is work being done on getting access to recaps on all state legislation for the past two or three years.  STATE’S RIGHTS I feel is our best tool at this time to make Washington know who they are working for.  We are going to make fly over country more important. During this time of upheaval, please look at what I feel is our opportunity to see what tyranny represents.

The cruel and desperate means used to crush a persons will, desire and ability to fight it. You’ve all heard of some of the atrocities.  USE THE INTERNET.  Search:  Siege of HOMS, Rebels in Syria, 8000 deaths in Syria.  Find your source.  Sweep the items like a radar.  Do not stop with one answer.

I feel the Reuters News Service serves Europe and Asia Minor, as well as Russia with a view and perspective different than American sources.  Arm your mind!  With the defections beginning to happen among Syrian government officials, the number of defecting generals that have been found killed, and troops that have broken ranks with the government, you can see what freedom loving people look
like from the dark side of life.   “The trail back from tyranny is long and bloody.”

Tex R. Kline Founder AmericaAndMe.Org


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